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Northwest Medi Spa Laser Center, a destination in Oregon for medical aesthetics procedures and services, offers an impressive menu of services that include laser skin treatments, laser hair removal, Thermage, Restylane, Radiesse, Botox, microdermabrasion and nutritional and spa services – all designed to improve overall appearance, self esteem and well-being.

Rebecca Nonweiler, MD, founder and owner of Northwest Medi Spa Laser Centers in Bend and Salem, says, “We put the patient and their specific needs first. Our services and treatment plans are tailored to achieve the beauty, health, self-esteem and wellness objectives of each individual.” She goes on to describe the state-of-the-art Fraxel laser treatment, saying, “It’s a safe, non-invasive procedure that allows clients to rediscover the fresh, healthy skin of their youth by triggering the body’s own natural production of new collagen and skin cells.”

Nonweiler, who is also a practicing anesthesiologist, founded Northwest Medi Spa after an unsuccessful attempt to glean good facial product for herself. After attending classes for two years for cosmetic and skin care procedures along with advanced laser knowledge, she founded two laser Centers in Bend and in Salem and is contemplating opening two more in the not-so-distant future. After thoroughly researching many different types of lasers, the machines Nonweiler chose featured a cryogen or cooling spray, coincidentally, invented by her laser lab partner in college, Stuart Nelson, MD, PhD.

A board certified physician and dedicated mother of three, Nonweiler believes a key factor that sets Northwest Medi Spa apart from other laser centers are the close relationships forged between patients and staff. “We truly care about each and every person who walks through the door and are there to help in any way we can,” says Nonweiler. “It’s all about relationships.”

A firm believer in diet and exercise, Nonweiler shares the office with two other physicians, Drs. Quinn and Angeles, who offer a wide array of surgical procedures within the laser center. “As a team, we provide the optimum balance with the best medical and aesthetics practices available,” says Nonweiler. “I urge anyone who is contemplating a laser procedure to have a physician on site – a vitally important component in the event that something should go wrong. We’re fully equipped with all necessary CPR measures in the event of an emergency and it’s very comforting to our patients.”

Northwest Medi Spa treatments include laser hair removal for both  men and women, Botox injections, wrinkle fillers, microdermabrasion, a full line of makeup and skin care products, facials and skin care packages. The center also offers state-of-the-art Candela Lasers. The Candela GentleLase laser, a high-intensity, long-pulsed laser, is used for hair removal, wrinkles, pigmented lesions and vascular lesions. The Candela Vbeam Laser, a pulsed-dye laser, successfully treats veins, acne, Rosacea, wrinkles, psoriasis, scars and stretch marks and the GentleYAG Laser aids in skin tightening, wrinkles, leg and facial veins and hair removal.

Future plans include diet and nutritional counseling in Bend, services that are already available in Salem. “Nutrition and activity recommendations are made by our certified nutritionist based on clients’ needs, likes, time schedule and physical ability,” shares Nonweiler. “Our program offers a one-stop full weight regimen.”

With a personal philosophy that beauty emanates from the inside out, Nonweiler stresses the importance of exercise, proper nutrition and wellness in addition to the services that are offered through Northwest Medi Spa. “We encourage people to stop in anytime for a consultation,” she says. “Our focus centers on forging solid relationships while providing the best service possible for our patients in a state-of-the-art medical facility we can all be proud of. This is definitely not your corner laser office.”

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