Mountain View Hospital Purchases the Newest Technology to Help Treat Cardiovascular Diseas


Mountain View Hospital Purchases the Newest Technology to Help Treat Cardiovascular Disease

For the person with high blood pressure, there is nothing so imperative as a diagnosis followed immediately by a treatment regimen that works. Mountain View Hospital offers just that.
Mountain View Hospital recently purchased the newest noninvasive Impedance Cardiography (ICG) Test machine.  This new, technologically advanced machine will benefit patients with high blood pressure, heart failure or shortness of breath due to heart disease.  

The ICG test is a completely noninvasive test that can be performed in either a physician’s office or hospital setting to provide the physician information about your heart’s ability to deliver blood to the rest of your body, the force your heart has to pump. If you are being treated in the physician’s office and have heart failure, high blood pressure, lung disease, a pacemaker or are on any cardiac drugs, then the ICG test may provide helpful information for your physician to make decisions about your drug therapy or pacemaker settings.
In the hospital, ICG monitoring may be used in the emergency department, operating room, intensive care or any patient care area to assist your physician in his or her assessment and treatment of your condition.
“Our ICG Test and BioZ diagnostic technology will provide revolutionary outcomes in the treatment of hypertension.  The accuracy of this new equipment will allow us to monitor specific functions of the heart.  Being able to personalize a treatment program for each patient will eliminate lost treatment time so that optimal results are found sooner,” noted Dr. Doug Lieuallen, Family Practitioner at Madras Medical Group.
You can discuss with your physician whether the ICG test is right for you.  The ICG Test is Medicare approved and covered by many private insurance carriers.


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