Brooks Resources Dedicates 28.1 Acres to Bend Parks


Brooks Resources has donated four tax lots totaling 28.1 acres to the Bend Park & Recreation District for public use. This land is adjacent to the North Rim development lying above the Deschutes River on the west side of Archie Briggs Canyon. The land donation is valued at approximately $413,000.

In 2001 Brooks Resources transferred 7.6 acres of the Archie Briggs Canyon to Bend Park & Recreation to make an existing trail public, from Mt Washington Drive down to the Deschutes River Trail. With the addition of the North Rim tracts, the district will have management responsibility for the entire 35.7-acre natural area. This provides an opportunity to possibly redirect the Deschutes River Trail north along the riverbank towards Tumalo State Park.

This contribution by Brooks Resources is just the most recent one by a historically generous donor of land to the community for public use. “This land was set aside over 25 years ago specifically for this purpose,” says Kirk Schueler, president of Brooks Resources. “When the Awbrey Butte Master Plan was adopted in the early 1980s, we identified this land as a way to provide public access to the Deschutes River and create open space for all to enjoy. We’re happy to fulfill this commitment to
the community.”


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