Glass Symphony Brings Light to Wall Street


Glass Symphony brings to light Cascade Radiance, a fourteen-foot Tiffany-style stained glass installation in the historic Sather Building at 916 NW Wall Street in downtown Bend.

Artist Kate MacLeod designed and constructed this installation in the traditional Tiffany style, utilizing exclusive Tiffany reproduction glass fabricated by Uroboros Glass in Portland.  As a historic 1913 building, the architecture is best served by a period piece, and no period in the history of stained glass is surpassed by the early 1900s and Louis Comfort Tiffany’s inspiration.

The fourteen-foot-long installation depicts our beautiful Northwest landscape, inspired by the beauty of the Cascades, Oregon wildflowers, forests, and water, not to be overshadowed by our fascinating palette of sky.

MacLeod, co-owner of Glass Symphony, produced the piece under commission from the owners of the Sather Building, Win and Laurel Francis and Rick and Chris Wright.  Four months in design and construction, the panels total 56 square feet, including 2,363 pieces of glass; contain four football field lengths of solder on each side, and weigh over 100 pounds.

This stained glass masterpiece is destined to become a landmark in downtown Bend.  The capture of the Cascades’ magnificence has been done in many artistic mediums, and now the true radiance of mountain light, emitted through stained glass, is available for all to enjoy.


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