CBS Comes to Central Oregon….


KBNZ TELEVISION, the new CBS Television station for the Central Oregon market, launched its Bend-based station in late October.

New Vision Television, Llc, owner of KOIN-TV in Portland, is set to launch KBNZ-TV. NEW VISION, owner of 16 television stations located in Birmingham, Alabama; Mason City, Iowa; Youngstown, Ohio; Topeka, Kansas; Wichita, Kansas; Honolulu, Hawaii; Savannah, Georgia and Portland, Oregon, is very excited to launch KBNZ here in Bend for the Central Oregon market, according to Dave Ulrickson

Over the next several months, KBNZ-TV will be introduced to the Central Oregon communities and at the same time will continue to provide the Portland news from KOIN-TV.

Daily on KOIN–TV News, KBNZ-TV will report three to five local stories within KOIN-TV newscasts. As KBNZ-TV grows, they plan to offer local newscasts from Central Oregon.

“One of the main concerns we learned from focus studies conducted in the Central Oregon Market is the potential loss of Portland KOIN-TV Channel 6 news,” noted Ulrickson. “With KBNZ-TV and KOIN-TV owned and operated by the same company, we listened to the viewing public and intend to always continue with the integration of KOIN-TV news out of Portland within our KBNZ-TV Channel 6 broadcast.

Steve Spendlove, executive vice president of New Vision Television and KBNZ-TV said, “localism is incredibly important to broadcasting and television. We do not feel Central Oregon was being served by airing KOIN-TV in its entirety.”

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