Les Schwab Phases Out Lead Tire Weights


Les Schwab Tire Centers announced today that it plans to phase out use of lead based wheel weights for wheel balancing on passenger cars and light trucks in all stores throughout its seven states of operation.

The company expects to eliminate all sales of lead based wheel weights for these vehicles by mid 2009.

“We are moving from lead to steel wheel weights because our customers are looking for better alternatives,” said Dick Borgman, CEO, Les Schwab Tire Centers. “For the last two years we have been working with our supplier to develop an excellent steel wheel weight alternative and are excited to start using it exclusively.”

“We are taking steps to redefine industry standards for wheel weights in order to meet customer expectations, and provide the kind of product and service excellence everyone has come to expect from Les Schwab. Steel wheel weights are good for our customers and for the local communities where we operate,” Borgman explained.

Les Schwab expects to have full supplies of steel wheel weights for passenger cars and light trucks by the middle of 2009.

The elimination of lead-based wheel weights for passenger cars and light trucks is just one of several environmental practices pioneered by Les Schwab Tire Centers. The company is one of the largest tire retreaders in the United States and it maintains an innovative program for recycling waste tires. Les Schwab also recycles wheel weights and scrap steel.

“Washington state applauds this type of corporate leadership to protect our environment, said Jay Manning, director of the state Department of Ecology. “The job of taking care of our environment takes more than government working alone. Les Schwab is showing that good business and a clean environment go hand in hand.”


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