Association Enacts Resolution Requesting Suspension of Short-Term Rentals in Sunriver


In an effort to protect the health of those who live and work in Sunriver, the Sunriver Owners Association (SROA) is asking tourists and non-resident owners to follow state and county orders banning travel and short-term rentals in Sunriver and, by resolution, the SROA Board of Directors is stating that now is not the time for a visit. 

Following an emergency meeting of the SROA Board of Directors on April 1, the board approved and enacted Resolution 2020-001 advising Sunriver rental agencies and those who rent their homes as short-term rentals to refrain from renting their Sunriver homes until the risk of COVID-19 transmission is significantly lower. 

The Resolution also requests:

  • Non-resident owners not travel to Sunriver for vacation purposes.
  • If you have traveled to Sunriver from outside of the region within the past 14 days, you are asked to quarantine in your home for an additional 14 days pursuant to all medical guidelines.

SROA’s Resolution supports the April 1 Deschutes County Order 2020-017 that prohibits all short-term rental stays in rural, unincorporated areas of Deschutes County during the COVID-19 pandemic. Effective immediately, the county order includes stays in resort communities such as Sunriver.

“By working together now, we can improve the chance for a normal summer travel and rental period,” said James Lewis, SROA general manager. 

SROA has been in full support of Gov. Kate Brown’s March 23 state order requesting everyone remain in their primary place of residence and to minimize non-essential travel. Unfortunately, many did not follow the order and traveled to Sunriver and other regional resorts as an “escape” from their own community.

Local health officials are predicting that Central Oregon hospitals could become overwhelmed by mid-April. Remaining in your primary residence is the safest and best way to avoid contracting the virus, and it will also protect limited community and regional resources. 

The read the full resolutions, visit coronavirus 



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