Audio Visual Bend Adds Soundproofing & Acoustical Panels Division


(David Wilkins | Photo courtesy of AV Bend)

Audio Visual Bend captures and leads the way in another business in Central Oregon. The Acoustical Panels Division, headed by David Wilkins, will market to private homes and companies, offering soundproofing solutions using high quality, sound absorbing materials.

While AV Bend is known for its more than 60 years combined experience in the audio video industry, the company now offers additional services to their wide range menu. AV Bend uses their knowledge and experience to give customers exactly what they need with speed and efficiency, specializing in customizing the equipment and materials to fit individual needs and constraints without sacrifice to quality. AV Bend continues its commitment to the Central Oregon community with its many departments, delivering excellent customer services and quality care assurance.

Soundproofing and acoustic paneling services are currently in high demand. Areas that benefit from sound absorption include gymnasiums, music studios, recording rooms, cinemas, live performance theaters, living rooms with vaulted ceilings, classrooms, factories, warehouses, auto garages, mechanic shops and large hair salons.

Acoustic wall panels were placed in Summit High School’s new computer lab recently, as it was merely a square room with concrete floors. Echoes in the computer lab were greatly reduced by the acoustic panels placed alongside the walls. Jackson’s Corner used AV Bend’s services, paneling their east side location, reducing noise level and echoes without compromising the look of the restaurant, which has a tradition of being open yet cozy.

Other more recent clients include Bend International School, ODOT Bend, ODOT Salem, AP Finance, Tumalo Creek and Kayak, RIFF Cold Brew and Smart Solutions.

Material used for soundproofing never disrupts the aesthetics of the space. Whether it’s wall, ceiling or floor paneling — AV Bend uses state of the art, high quality, eye pleasing materials.

David Wilkins Bio

Locally known for many years as a professional Radio DJ and entertainer with Star Productions, Wilkins has been a professional sound technician for local events for the past 23 years. Wilkins is now heading AV Bend’s newest division for acoustic treatments. Wilkins has been working with owner, Tony Sprando and the AV Bend team by working in their rental and installation departments. He is excited to make the move to heading the team in building the acoustic department, as the demand in Central Oregon has increased exponentially.


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