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Being a leader is often tough. Human nature can be unpredictable and no employee and member of a team are the same. Your job is to keep them motivated and focused in order to feel satisfied at work and perform it well, but that can be a challenge. That is why you need to be a good leader. You need to learn how to keep them ready, happy and well-informed, and here are some great pieces of advice to achieve that, so everyone can look up to you. 

Provide More One on One Time

Employees often feel detached from managers and bosses simply because they don’t have a chance to talk to them more often. This can be quite demotivating and you can start your great leader work by scheduling more one-on-one conversations. Such private and individual conversations give you and your employees a chance to strengthen the relationship and get to know each other well. Plus, you can easily find out what makes them tick, their likes and dislikes and incorporate things in their workplace. 

Praise and Compliment Them Often

Every human being likes to be recognized, and the same goes for your employees. As a leader, you should make a habit of praising and complimenting your people for their good and hard work and their qualities. Praise and recognition is a powerful motivator and everyone will enjoy hearing something positive about their skills. Plus, their productivity will increase, they will become more loyal and satisfied to keep up with the good work.

Encourage Team Building

There are two major benefits to team building – all of you can bond and become better colleagues and friends, and you get to forget about work for a while and simply have fun and relax. Team building exercises are various and you should pick a few and let everyone get on the same page and decide on one. You can go rafting and get that adrenalin pumping while you’re having fun. If you want to test your problem-solving skills, you can easily engage in room escape adventures. For those who want to try sports, you can play basketball or soccer together and have a small tournament. Also, you can all go golfing and enjoy hitting some balls. However, this one can be tricky if there are different skills in golfing present in the team, but it’s not impossible. You can even get your team a golf swing trainer for beginners to test their skills and simply have some fun while preparing. 

Make Sure to Involve Them

Each person in your team probably has some great ideas that you never got to hear because you didn’t involve them. You are all working on the same ultimate goal, and everyone should get a chance to chime in. Not only will you and your company benefit from some fresh ideas from the very people who are working on the problem, but your employees will also feel appreciated and really a part of the team. So, each time you feel stuck or you want to prevent that, make sure to talk to everyone and hear what they think or have to propose. 

Invest in Their Skills

It can happen that your employees get stuck in the rut and do the same job over and over again which can dull their minds and make them less motivated to work. This can easily be avoided by investing in their skills and helping them learn something new. Encourage training, courses and other classes that you know your team will want to participate in and, in the end, you can benefit from that too. So, instead of just firing someone to hire someone with new skills, you can easily show appreciation to your people and help them acquire a new skill. This way, everyone will be happy and your team will be more than motivated to work on some new tasks and test their new skills. 

Working hours are tough on themselves and hard and long work can make anyone demotivated and tired. That is why a good leader should always make sure to motivate their team and employees and company relationships will simply bloom and everyone will feel less stressed.


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