Behind the Scenes: Crafting Excellence with Agrati Automotive Screws


Few car buyers pay attention to the quality of screws that keep their cars together. Yet, they are vital for safety and comfort.

Agrati is the leading name in automotive screws and bolts. Although it started as a small business in Italy in 1939, today the company has 12 production plants and five logistic centers around the world. Over 2,000 highly trained professionals use cutting-edge technology to deliver a daily production of 40 million pieces. The company invests heavily in innovative solutions, developing 850 new products yearly.

Here’s what you need to know about Agrati’s automotive screw lineup.

Technology of Excellence

Agrati has a secret for remaining ahead of the technology curve. It invests 8% of its revenue in innovative solutions. All production plants count on hot and cold forging technologies, allowing for a wide array of treatments, plus new-generation machinery delivering perfection on every detail of the production line.

Agrati’s drive for innovation can also turn customers into partners for the development of new products. Their Co-Design service provides a dedicated team to assist customers during the whole process with modern lab equipment and software.

Perfection on Every Turn

Agrati produces over 5 million screws per day, supplying OEM and Tier 1 customers on three continents. Most of the production process unfolds on the factory floor, including different forging techniques, wire drawing, tooling, and thread rolling.

Since 1974, Agrati has had its own tooling manufacturer, Attrezzerie Adda, supplying the company’s entire chain of production plants. More recently, Agrati has joined efforts with e-Novia to create the TOKBO Company. This joint venture was founded to speed up the implementation of IoT technologies in the fastener industry.

This advanced line of production guarantees total control over quality standards, which has already enabled Agrati to proudly define some of its products as “zero defects”.  The portfolio of screws mostly consists of licensed screws and patent items, like Panoplast and screws with captive sleeves.

Agrati’s Signature

Agrati’s licensed screws use a wide array of technologies and designs to cover every need of the automotive industry. The production involves advanced heating treatments, resulting in screws that easily meet regulatory demands worldwide. The remarkable resistance of these licensed screws can be further reinforced with special coatings that change their friction coefficient and improve corrosion resistance.

Agrati’s high-quality screws are industry-leading in the automotive sector. More importantly, some solutions are only available through the company. It’s Panoplast and screws with captive sleeves, both being developed and patented by the company.

Panoplast combines the features of PT screws and Plastite, enabling superior resistance to vibration loosening and increasing installed clamp force. With a wide variety of head shapes and socket types, these products also have an array of use cases.

Screws with captive sleeves are assembled from the factory, which speeds up the production process for OEM lines. Screws and sleeves are made of low-carbon steel, cold-forged, and use fewer components than their market equivalents.

Sustainable Excellence

Agrati’s enduring legacy won’t include a large carbon footprint. The company’s commitment to sustainability was honored with the Gold Medal by EcoVadis in 2022. The international provider for sustainability ratings granted Agrati the top prize for environment, sustainable procurement, labor, and human rights. Agrati also received a positive evaluation from the 2022 Carbon Disclosure Project.

Additionally, the company has multiple ISO certifications, including Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) and Energy Management System (ISO 50001). Agrati’s 20-year Carbon Neutrality Strategy, which started in 2019, is gradually reducing emissions until it reaches carbon neutrality in 2039.


The once-small business has honed its craft to perfection, reaching the top of the automotive fasteners industry. It’s easy to understand why there are Agrati components in more than 40 million vehicles worldwide and counting. The company supplies unique solutions for OEM and Tier 1 customers, while continuously elevating the quality of its products and production lines. The automotive industry develops fast, and Agrati is fully geared to follow it on every turn.


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