Bell Training Academy Prioritizes Safety with Fleetwide Installation of the Pulselite System


Precise Flight, Inc. has announced that the Bell Training Academy is conducting a fleetwide installation of Precise Flight’s Pulselite System.

The Pulselite System is an FAA-certified lightweight electrical system controller that alternately pulses the landing and auxiliary lights of a helicopter, thereby increasing visibility and reflecting the speed and directional movement of the aircraft. The Pulselite System has been proven to significantly reduce bird strikes and decrease midair and ground collisions.

“Precise Flight is honored to support Bell Training Academy with their implementation of the Pulselite System,” said Doug La Placa, chief executive officer of Precise Flight, Inc. “Bell Training Academy’s decision to outfit their fleet with the Pulselite System comes as no surprise, as they continue to lead the global rotorcraft industry in safety and performance.”

La Placa continued, “It’s an exciting time for Precise Flight due to the growth in the rotorcraft industry and the growth in global bird populations. The frequency of aircraft colliding with birds is at an all-time high. This dilemma is creating a dangerous hazard in the aviation industry, and our Pulselite System is helping to make flying safer.”

“The Bell Training Academy is proud to partner with Precise Flight, Inc. to bring enhanced safety features to our state-of-the-art training academy fleet,” said Harry Vergis, Flight Safety officer for Bell Training Academy. The academy is the training arm of Bell helicopters in Texas, and has facilities worldwide. “Our partnership with Precise Flight, Inc., demonstrates our commitment to innovative products that enhance safety.” La Placa said that the addition of the Pulselite System to the training fleet was made after Bell had utilized the system on one of its helicopter models. “Based on Bell’s confidence in the system, they added it to their training fleet,” he said.

The Pulselite System is installed on more than 30,000 aircraft worldwide and is certified for most rotorcraft models. “We are in a growth stage right now,” said La Placa. “We are also working on our first military defense contract. This is the first time in the company’s 40-year history for this; a very exciting milestone.”

For more information about Precise Flight, Inc.’s Bird Strike Prevention System, please click here.


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