Bend, Oregon’s Drink Tanks: Cold. Fresh. Carbonated


Beer and the outdoors. With 26 breweries and a multitude of lakes, mountains and trails in its backyard, it’s no secret that Bend loves both. In 2010, Nicholas Hill and his father Dr. Tim Hill, set out to fuse these two loves together by creating the perfect growler. And so, Drink Tanks was born.

“I had a water bottle company that sold double-wall insulated bottles,” says founder Nicholas Hill, who previously ran Pistol Creek Bottle Company with his father. “We thought it’d be really cool to do something like that for beer.”

The company’s launch last year was well-received, after earning $240,000 through Kickstarter – an online funding platform for creative projects. Though Dr. Hill passed away before the founding of Drink Tanks, Hill says, “He was part of the heart and soul of the creation.” With 17,000 units in circulation in its first year, its no doubt that his father would be proud.

Drink Tanks’ double-wall, vacuum insulated design holds up to 64 ounces of liquid, keeping drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot for up to 12 hours. Made of stainless steel, weighing only three pounds empty, the growlers are as lightweight as they are durable.

Increased consumer demands for a growler capable of keeping beer fresh as well as cold, inspired the add-on keg cap. Complete with a charging head and Co2 cartridges, the keg caps offers the ultimate beer-drinking experience, turning the Drink Tank into a personal keg. Whether exploring the Cascade Mountain Range, or camping along the Deschutes River, refreshing craft beer is always within reach. Drink Tanks holds the promise of the perfect beer: Cold. Fresh. Carbonated.

Drink Tanks exhibits not only durability and practicality, but are also health conscious and environmentally friendly. The growlers are BPA free. BPAs, Bisphenol A, is a chemical compound used in many plastic bottles and drink cans. It has been proven to have unhealthy effects, interfering with the body’s hormonal system. The product is also 100 percent sustainable, reducing the amount of waste caused by buying non-reusable bottles.

Located in Bend’s Century Center, Drink Tanks is the only growler company in the country that assembles their product in house. Each tank is comprised of 22 parts made in 22 different factories across the country. The growlers are covered in a long-lasting, powder coating available in 12 colors. Custom colors are also available upon request. The Drink Tanks’ logo marks each growler’s stainless steel exterior, with the option of custom engraving on the back. Manufactured in a 7,000 square foot factory, each product is assembled by hand, and quality-checked before heading out the door where they are sold locally and internationally to over 400 vendors.

Those looking to buy a Drink Tank of their own, can purchase them locally at a variety places. Deschutes Brewery, Gorilla Growlers, Goodlife Brewing, C.E. Lovejoy’s, Sunriver Brewing, and Growler Fills are just a few locations that sell these stainless steel wonders. They are also available for online purchase, or straight from the source at Drink Tanks’ local office.

For Hill, Drink Tanks has been an exciting experience. Raised in Bend, he says, “It’s amazing to me how much support and talent there is in this town.”

With the community’s continued support, Drink Tanks has proven to be a success. Last year, they provided seven new jobs in Bend, and plan to provide nine more jobs this coming year. Hill says the company is getting ready to announce a new product. Though the details remain hushed, the thirst for another Drink Tanks creation will soon be quenched.

Drink Tanks
Location:/Website: 1405 SW Commerce Ave., Ste. 160 Bend, OR 97701, 541-728-5579,
CEO: Nicholas Hill
No. Employees: 10
Year Established: 2013
Product/Service: Growler & personal keg
Hot News: New product coming to market soon.
Outlook for Growth: Company hired seven new employees in the last year and is only growler company in the country assembling their product in-house.


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