Bend Pet Express Expands Services with Acquisition of Muddy Paws Bathhouse


Bend Pet Express (BPE), the premier destination for pet supplies and services with two locations in the Bend area, is excited to announce its strategic acquisition of Muddy Paws Bathhouse, a highly respected and beloved pet grooming establishment known for its exceptional care to Bend-area pets.

The merger of Bend Pet Express and Muddy Paws Bathhouse represents an alignment of two companies dedicated to providing comprehensive, top-quality pet services to Central Oregon.

“I’m excited about the opportunity to bring the premiere food and supply store in town together with the best grooming business in Bend,” said Bend Pet Express owner Ryan Kwaterski. “For years now, BPE has placed a heavy emphasis on trying to extend the health span of our customer’s pets. Adding full-service grooming to the list of ways we can help Bend’s pet parents made perfect sense.”

Former owner of Muddy Paws, Kim Rafilson, who is retiring after seven years in the business, echoed Ryan’s sentiment about the merger. “From the first moment, Ryan seemed to get us. His energy and approach to work and the support that he has provided has been amazing,” Rafilson said.

Muddy Paws’ name, list of services, staff, and location at 155 SW Century Dr. #115 will not change. Key benefits of this acquisition include:

  • Expanded Grooming Services: The acquisition of Muddy Paws Bathhouse allows Bend Pet Express to offer an even broader range of grooming services, from basic grooming to specialized treatments, ensuring pets look and feel their best.
  • Skilled and Caring Team: The experienced and compassionate team at Muddy Paws Bathhouse will join the Bend Pet Express family, ensuring a seamless transition and maintaining the high standards of care that pet owners have come to expect from both companies.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Bend Pet Express is committed to upholding the values and standards that have made both companies respected resources in Bend, ensuring that pets receive the best care and attention available.

About Bend Pet Express:
Bend Pet Express has been a trusted name in Bend for 30 years, offering a wide selection of premium pet supplies, food, and services. Committed to the well-being of pets and the satisfaction of their owners, Bend Pet Express is known for its knowledgeable staff and dedication to providing the best products and services in the Bend area.

About Muddy Paws Pet Groomers:
Muddy Paws Bathhouse has been a beloved local pet grooming establishment in the Bend community for seven years, renowned for its caring and skilled staff, and its commitment to keeping pets clean, healthy, and happy.


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