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New crypto coins are being developed here, there and everywhere, and understanding which are the best altcoins 2021 can feel like an endless investigation. Altcoins exchanges are becoming increasingly accessible, which allows anyone to be able to make the decisions on the best coins to invest in mere minutes after opening an account.

Whether you choose to mine your tokens or purchase them through an exchange, you have to do your due diligence on new crypto coins, which will help you decipher the altcoins 2021 with potential and the altcoins that are “pump and dumps” in disguise.

By the end of this article, you will be able to decipher which is the best crypto to invest in, which are worth your time and investment, and which tokens have no interest at all for one reason or another. Other things that we will take into consideration as we go through our list of altcoins 2021, are: the interest by investors and the technological application of the tokens.

This article will provide you with reasons why you should consider investing in altcoins. We firmly believe that tokens that are developing technology, or a community of strong investors, will have longevity. Altcoins and tokens that are established to make a quick investment will potentially supply some happy returns, but the growth will be minuscule in comparison to investing in a token that has potential.

Let’s get into our list of the best altcoins for 2021.

Hashbon (HASH)

Hashbon is one of the projects in the crypto industry worth paying attention to. Hashbon issued the Hash token in February 2021. HASH makes it onto our invest in tokens list because of its clear advantage — the 0% transaction commission. This is incredibly valuable for businesses that want to incorporate crypto payments via Hashbon in their systems — this should increase their business profits massively.

Hashbon also provides:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • Settlements in Euro
  • Fast integration
  • More than 30 supported cryptocurrencies
  • Massive auto payouts.
  • A secure platform that follows standard European AML policy.

As well as the appealing 0% transaction commission, Hashbon gateway guarantees that the payments are fast and safe. Newcomers to crypto investment may be concerned but also unaware of the fact that transactions can take a while to process. Although this may be normal for seasoned investors, we do live in an incredibly efficient age where payments need to be processed as quickly as possible to keep business moving and to make customers and clients happy. Tokens that have the technological ability to be secure and quick to transact will set themselves apart from others. That’s why HASH and Hashbon make it onto our list, and our friends at the DEV community definitely agree; check out their analysis on HASH here!

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Shiba Inu has been hailed as the DOGE killer, but what’s it all about? Is there anything behind Shiba to offer an interesting crypto contender, or is the token another joke to poke fun at the Crypto market? The token SHIB is attempting to create a decentralised community that trades multiple tokens, a new and growing crypto ecosystem. This is something HASH has been doing for years and remains a crypto and blockchain technology leader.

The creator of SHIB is anonymous, and if you’re someone that likes to know who and what you’re putting your money into when you invest in altcoins, you’ll be hard-pressed to find that out with SHIB.

Like DOGE, SHIB has seen a phenomenal amount of growth in the last few months. It has grown 18,000% in the last few months alone, and that kind of growth is what those looking to invest in altcoins are praying for. It’s true, while there are also investors that are looking for slow and gradual growth. If you follow crypto coins on social media, the majority of users are waiting for the next small altcoin to go “to the moon!” and make a lot of people a lot of money.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Investors that are looking at Bitcoin as a potential investment may be deterred by its price. At its highest point, Bitcoin had reached around $65,000, which is incredible considering it was around $10,000 mid-October 2020. BCH is in the top 10 of tokens on, and while its name is tied to BTC, its current trajectory is doing everything possible to move away from its origins.

Created in August of 2017, Bitcoin Cash has concentrated its efforts to increase the scale of block sizes. Developing larger block sizes on a chain can allow for more transactions to be held on a single block, which also increases the speed of transactions. It’s this technological development that sparked a great interest in December of 2017 that saw BCH reach an all-time high of $4,000.

Crypto.Com (CRO)

In our research into the best altcoins to invest in and the tokens that we have noticed make it onto’s list, we have found that the user experience can be a greatly persuading factor when it comes to crypto investment.

Nothing is worse in the cryptocurrency world than investing in a project, only to find out it has no future. offers an incredibly user-friendly app available on smartphones that lets users track all their favourite tokens, get live updates and make swift, secure transactions. Their own token, CRO, is offered in the app as an option to use up some of your left-over cash. With a market cap of close to $4 billion, it’s easy to see how a lot of interest in this token is generated by the fact that it’s something to do with your left-over cash. If you’re a fan and a user of the app, then investing in their token is a great way to show your appreciation for their service, the community and the application of blockchain and crypto technology.

Which Altcoins 2021 Should You Invest in?

Any financial decision is a risk. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house, a car, a business investment, or a nice suit. You can do all the research possible, but it’s not until money is handed over and you experience it for yourself is when your expectations have to be met by a tangible idea. The moment you see your investment increasing or decreasing is the moment you’re no longer on the sidelines watching charts, and you’re an investor.

All in all, you should invest because you believe in the overall vision of a project or community and not because people on social media say that X token is “going to the moon!”


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