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The world of online blackjack is filled with creative, exciting twists on this classic casino game. Today, we’ll briefly review the best online blackjack games from the industry’s most renowned developers. We’ll cover both classic table games and live dealer blackjack.

Best Online Blackjack Games by Developer

The best online blackjack games come from the most experienced and well-established software development teams. Up next, we’ll break down the most popular variants from Microgaming, Playtech, and Play’n GO.


Atlantic City Blackjack

One of the most popular versions of this classic game, Atlantic City Blackjack has dealers stand on every soft 17. Players can double up on any two cards, re-split up to three hands, and surrender. However, you can’t re-split aces. The house edge is 0.35%, playing against eight decks.

Vegas Strip Blackjack

Part of Microgaming’s Vegas-themed game collection, Vegas Strip Blackjack, also has dealers stand on soft 17s. Players can re-split up to three times and double down after a split and any total. The house edge is also 0.35%, but you’ll be playing against only four decks.

European Blackjack Gold Series

European Blackjack Gold Series introduces several additional rules to the game. Dealers will stand on soft 17s, but you can’t double after a split. You can only double down on 9, 10, or 11, and you can only split once. While the dealer won’t peek for blackjack, you can’t surrender either. The game is played with two decks, with a house edge at 0.4%.


Blackjack Pro

This particular version of Playtech’s classic Blackjack games has dealers hit on a soft 17. Players can’t double down after splitting and may only do so on a 10 or 11. Aces may be re-split, but only once, and there is no surrender. 7-card Charlie rules apply. House edge is 0.44%.

Blackjack Switch

This unusual version has players place two bets and play two hands dealt from six decks. Dealers hit on soft 17, and you may double down after a split, but only with 9, 10, or 11. You can re-split once, though not aces. Cards are dealt face up. You can freely switch cards between your two hands and make better hands, even blackjacks. House edge is 0.14%.


In Pontoon, blackjack pays 2 to 1, rather than the usual 3 to 2. Dealers hit on soft 18s, and you can double on any cards after a split. You can even re-split aces. Dealers don’t show up cards, and player hands with five cards that don’t bust out win automatically. House edge is 0.32%.

Play’n GO

European Blackjack Multihand

Play’n GO’s European Blackjack Multihand lets you play up to three hands at once. Dealers stand on soft 17s and draw to 16. Players may split once, but re-splits are allowed and no option to surrender. The dealer uses six decks to deal the game and features insurance. House edge is 0.63%.

Blackjack Double Exposure Multihand

This highly popular Play’n GO blackjack variation has dealers stand on soft 17s and show both cards from the start. Natural blackjacks pay even money, and the dealer wins all ties. You can play up to three hands simultaneously, but there is no insurance, surrender, or side bets. House edge is 0.96%.

Blackjack Single Deck Multihand

This single-deck version has dealers stand on soft 17s, with natural blackjack paying 6 to 5. Insurance is allowed, paying 2 to 1. You can have up to three hands and split each of them three times. You can only split aces once but may double down on any cards. House edge is 1.26%.

Best Live Online Blackjack Games by Developer

When it comes to live online blackjack games, there are quite a few developers out there. However, none enjoy the massive popularity that Netent and Evolution Gaming do.


Perfect Blackjack

This live online blackjack game is available for up to seven players per table. Dealers stand on soft 17s, drawing to 16. Cards are dealt and drawn for players following optimal play strategy, which will also split and double down as needed. Two side bets are offered. House edge is 0.34%.

Blitz Blackjack

This game is essentially a rebranded version of Netent’s popular Common Draw Blackjack games. It’s an unlimited live table game, where any number of players share a common set of cards. Players decide their moves individually, and dealers draw following the usual rules. It’s got eight decks, unlimited splits, and a 3:2 blackjack payout. House edge is 0.50%.

Evolution Gaming

Live Blackjack

This is Evolution Gaming’s most popular live blackjack version. It’s a seven-seat live game ranging from penny stakes to high-roller VIP tables. The game offers insurance, doubling down, splitting pairs, and side bets like Perfect Pairs and 21+3. House edge is 0.71%. It doesn’t have any fancy new rules or twists, but it’s a perfect classic blackjack experience.

Speed Blackjack

Speed Blackjack is an impressively fast live blackjack game, following reasonably standard rules. Dealers stand on soft 17s, blackjacks pay 3 to 2, and players may split and double down. However, the dealing order depends on which players make their call first. This dramatically speeds up the pace of the game. The house edge is also 0.71%. Two side bets are available.

Infinite Blackjack

Infinite Blackjack is similar to Netent’s Blitz Blackjack. Tables have unlimited seats, a standard starting hand, and individual decisions afterward. Evolution’s version features low bet limits, four different side bets, and a 6-card Charlie rule. House edge is 0.53%. If you’re tired of sitting in the lobby waiting for a seat to open up, give Infinite Blackjack a try.


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