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Remote working is gaining unprecedented prominence and, as a result, companies are expansively exploring the potential of remote technologies. Indeed, the capacity to work from anywhere is playing an important role in improving productivity, especially during these challenging times for business. For the best remote working environment, here are 5 technologies you should highly consider:

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is one of the innovative remote technologies that businesses can use to increase productivity. With this technology, you don’t have to keep your files in a local storage device. Regardless of where your employees are, they can access databases, servers, and software through the internet. One of the benefits associated with cloud computing is that it’s cost effective. Moreover, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment since resources are easily accessible. Additionally, it’s a convenient way of enhancing collaboration among remote employees.

Business Apps

Business apps are integral for improving collaboration in a remote working environment. If you choose to implement the usage of business apps, you’ll give your remote employees access to the resources they need to work more effectively. For example, a business app like Bitrix24 enables businesses to enhance their communication, teamwork, and management capabilities in a remote working setup. With this technology, brands are able to increase their level of efficiency and productivity.

Unified Communications

Companies that are able to integrate unified communications in their systems increase their prospects of success. Essentially, unified communications make it easier to access the resources and information needed for a productive remote working environment. Tools like Google Suite have virtual communication features that make connecting with employees remotely possible. The benefits of this technology include improving productivity, enhancing teamwork, and increasing communication options.

Project Management Tools

There are different project management tools for different remote teams. With these tools, employees working in different locations are able to join their efforts by communicating and collaborating through chat tools to accomplish tasks. For example, if you’re working on a software development project, a viable project management tool for remote working would be GitHub. For a project to succeed in a remote working environment, employees have to rely on project management tools for efficient communication and partnership.

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is yet another remote working technology that businesses can use to achieve optimum results. There are smart video conferencing cameras that make it possible for remote workers to feel as though they are attending a physical meeting. Regardless of where employees are, they are able to connect in real time and share ideas on business productivity. With applications like Zoom, video conferencing is a reality for remote working.

Certainly, remote working is significant in today’s day and age. Businesses are coming to terms with the fact that they can do so much by integrating remote technologies in their systems. Communication, productivity, and effectiveness can be greatly improved through remote working. In this regard, businesses have to find reliable and dependable ways of ensuring that remote working is successful. One of the best ways of making sure that remote technologies work is through IT support. IT support can be remote, or local, for example an IT support Leeds based team, or even in-house particularly for large companies. IT support ensures that all the necessary tools and resources are put in place for effective performance. In addition, investing in IT support will make it possible to experience the maximum gains of remote working.


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