Best Uses for AV Equipment During a Trial if on a Shoestring Budget


Recently, Tony Sprando, the AV guy with Audio Visual Bend, had the pleasure of connecting with Tim Williams who shared some of his writings regarding the use of technology in the courtroom. The following highlights areas he addressed that specifically refer to the use of audio visual technology and equipment. We hope you find this as informative as we do!

It is exceedingly difficult to get to trial on most cases. As a result, many case files seem to fizzle, as one or both sides throw up their arms in desperation. While I can’t do anything to aid the court’s docket, I have found several cost saving approaches over the last decade or so that has helped to alleviate some of the stress associated with the steep litigation costs of trial work.

Videoconference Testimony

Next to live testimony, I prefer videoconference testimony. Most courtrooms have the ability to receive videoconference testimony these days.

Trial Technology

You have four choices concerning trial technology.

1. You can hire somebody to run it for you on their equipment.
2. You can use a laptop.
3. You can use a tablet yourself.
4. Or you can use nothing, sticking with an easel and a chalkboard.

Connectivity and Presentation

Airport Express. If you want to present with your iPad wirelessly (without a cable), you will need to get an Apple Airport Express, which allows you the ability to set up your own personal network wherever you are.

Apple TV. The iPad was made to work with the Apple TV, which is a steal at $99 for the third generation model, and presents in full HD (1080p).

Wired Connection. Alternatively, if you do not wish to present wirelessly, you can present using a cable. This option avoids the necessity of using the Airport Express and the Apple TV, as the cable plugs directly into your TV or projector.

Internet at Trial. Unfortunately, you cannot currently actively project wirelessly at trial while, at the same time, utilize your cellular internet on your iPad. If you want to actively project anything on the internet during trial, you will need to buy a router and wireless internet device.

Projectors. To keep continuity in quality of presentation, as well as not otherwise distorting your images, I prefer to use a full-HD TV or projector. Because large TVs are difficult to transport, I personally go with a projector.


With the appropriate pre-trial planning, smart use of witnesses and exhibits, as well as use of modern trial technology, a trial can now be had at a relative bargain as compared to a decade ago. This ability to minimize the costs of trial, and thus, the exposure of both you and your client, helps to lift many of the obstacles we have seen in getting our client’s day in court.



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