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The coronavirus pandemic has brought difficulty for all  couples who had already planned their wedding dates. Considering it took many years to plan such a big event, cancellation and postponement can be quite difficult to accept.

The cancellation, of course, is due to ensure the well-being of the public. The government issued guidelines advising Americans to avoid social gatherings to curb the spread of the virus. Because of this, everything is put on hold, especially big events such as weddings.

The Pandemic Changed the Wedding Industry

Since the national health protocol insists that there will be no excessive social gathering that would take place, the wedding industry is greatly affected. The protocol is put in place to ensure there is control when it comes to spreading the virus. However, this doesn’t mean weddings are prohibited.

Some couples decided that to pursue the ceremony, they need to make a lot of adjustments with their previous plans. These include cutting down on their guest list and ensuring that everyone who attends the event will have proper protective equipment, such as face shields and masks.

Others turn to online streaming their wedding, which means that the ceremony will be streamed live while their friends and relatives view the stream at the comforts of their homes. It may be odd for some, but for couples who want to tie the knot during these crucial times, this is the safest way to make their wedding happen.

Furthermore, just because the pandemic changed a lot of things, it doesn’t mean a bride’s wedding dress should be compromised. Brides-to-be can still shop and wear the best wedding dresses for their wedding, even with the pandemic looming around. This Las Vegas Bridal Shop offers glamorous wedding dresses that every bride-to-be will instantly fall in love (and possibly even forget the stresses the pandemic has brought).

Wedding Plans Amid the Pandemic

Wedding planning in the middle of the pandemic will be difficult for many couples, especially when scouting wedding venues. The health crisis is becoming a hindrance for couples to travel around and look for the best wedding location.

Hence, we have prepared a list of the best wedding venues that is wonderful for holding a new normal wedding ceremony.

Church Wedding: Glass Chapel

Many couples still want to tie the knot in a church setting. This is why the Glass Chapel, located down the Broken Arrow, is the best venue for couples who still want a touch of a traditional church wedding. The chapel is surrounded with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, letting the bright, natural light enter the interiors that make everything beautiful and magical.

The church is perfect for an intimate new normal wedding ceremony. You can also observe proper social distancing when planning the seating arrangements since the chapel has a grand room area that can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Garden Wedding: The Patriot Golf Club

Garden weddings have always been a trend in outdoor wedding venues, which is why it is understandable that some couples like this setup.

The perfect go-to place for a garden wedding is the Patriot Golf Club, located at the top of the hills of Green Country. Standing at the top gives you the chance to look at a breathtaking view of the vast grounds of the golf club.

The Patriot Golf Club can be a great venue if you want to live stream your wedding. Your guests will watch your live streaming in awe with the beautiful view of the place you have chosen.

Intimate Indoor  Wedding: The Steel Barn Event Center

If you want to hold an intimate indoor wedding, the Steel Barn Event Center can be a great choice. Even though the barn can hold up to 300 guests, you can personalize the venue and have a wedding held inside the comforting,  rustic barn.

What most people love with The Steel Barn Event Center is their ‘Something Borrowed Room’ that allows couples to use their in-house decor to decorate for the big event. There’s no need to worry about decorations, anymore!

Budget-friendly Wedding: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa

Weddings are expensive, but you don’t have to break your bank and spend too much when you can have a venue that can cater to every wedding needs. The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino can offer services and needs.

The hotel has everything you’ll ever want in a wedding- from hotel accommodations, the reception, and the ceremony itself. Moreover, this venue is best for modern couples who want to be trendy when it comes to their wedding setup.

It is an all-inclusive venue, and you can adjust everything to tailor fit your budget and style. This setup can help you allocate your funds wisely, especially since we still don’t know when the pandemic will end.


Everyone had faced a lot of challenges in the middle of the pandemic and still facing them. Many businesses closed, and, unfortunately, even the wedding industry, resulting in many wedding events canceled or postponed. However, when couples start to get creative and resourceful, there are ways to make the event possible. They only need to ensure the safety of their guests and themselves and get the best wedding of a lifetime.


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