Bet To Win: Getting Up-close To The Nine Recently-Traded 2020 NFL Players


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The NFL Draft and offseason plays provide a venue for teams to make necessary adjustments or changes to the current line up. Apart from contracting new players, it also includes trading the biggest talents from one team to another. The NFL Draft had successfully settled a few months ago, and all teams participating in the NFL this year have completed their roster.

For all football fans, the long wait is over since the 2020 NFL is set to start on September 10, 2020. The league will anticipate 32 teams coming representing the NFC and AFC. During the opening day, the Kansas City Chiefs, which are the defending champions, will play against the Houston Texans.

Not only the teams nor the Chiefs’ back to back victory is highly expected, but player movement is also an exciting thing to watch. Although there are teams who remained solid, there are groups who took wiser moves of trading huge players. That said, let’s meet the recently traded 2020 football players this year and how their NFL betting odds look like.

DeAndre Hopkins

After his 6-year stint with the Houston Texans, DeAndre Hopkins was traded by Bill O’Brien to Arizona Cardinals this NFL season. Without an apparent reason why O’Brien had to give up Hopkins, one thing’s for sure, the Cardinals will have an excellent wide receiver in their current roster. He will help the Cardinals’ starting quarterback Kyler Murray and other key players like Christian Kirk and Larry Fitzgerald.

Rob Gronkowski

After his exit with the New England Patriots in 2018, Rob Gronkowski is traded by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this year as their tight end. He will reunite with his former teammate Tom Brady who was also contracted by the Bucs as their starting quarterback. Both Brady and Gronkowski will look for a fresh start with their new team and hopefully lift the Bucs long drought in the NFL playoffs.

DeForest Buckner

Leaving the San Francisco 49ers in exchange for the 2020 first-round pick, DeForest Buckner joins the Indianapolis Colts as the defensive tackle. For the last five decades, the Colts do not have a man to count on their defensive side. With Buckner’s help this year, the Colts might rise from the ashes and make it to the playoffs.

Trent Williams

Instead of counting on the rookies to replace the 49ers retired tackle Joe Staley, the team’s General Manager John Lynch has closed a deal with the Washington Redskins to acquire Trent Williams. Although this offensive tackle from Redskins missed his 2019 season, he will take a new environment with the 49ers and hopefully performs impressively.

Stefon Diggs

The Minnesota Vikings were a bit disappointed when Stefon Diggs decided to leave the team and move to a new locale. He will now be a part of the Buffalo Bills working as a wide receiver. If Diggs can work well with Josh Allen, who is the Bills’ starting quarterback, then he might be the top receiver for this season, and the Bills have made the right move acquiring him.

Calais Campbell

In exchange for the  2020 5th round pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars had to give up Calais Campbell to join the Baltimore Ravens. One of the reasons why the Ravens lost their conference title last year was a weak defense. By signing Campbell as their defensive end to complement Brandon Williams on the tackle, the Ravens can come up with a good defense this season.

Darius Slay

The Philadelphia Eagles have been struggling for the past NFL season due to a lack of a top cornerback. Today, Darius Slay fills that role after leaving the Detroit Lions, his home team, for six years. After several years of being sluggish in the NFL, can the Eagles step up as they got Slay as the starting cornerback?

Jurell Casey

Exchange for the 2020 7th round pick, Jurell Casey is joining the Denver Broncos as the defensive end. The fans were left in awe as this 5x Pro-Bowler was let go by the Titans after eight years of playing with them. But, Casey is still in good hands, and the Broncos made a great steal by acquiring him.

Trai Turner

As Matt Rhule became the head coach for the Carolina Panthers, he had to reformat the lineup and decided to give up Trai Turner. With this, the Los Angeles Chargers grabbed the chance of acquiring him as a starting guard. Justin Herbert, who is Charger’s rookie quarterback, will surely work well with Turner for the team to step up this year.


In the NFL world, where every team’s goal is to clinch the championship title, every group is making a desperate move to change the roster, acquire players, or even risk giving up the veterans to make rookies shine. With the highly traded NFL players this year, the Super Bowl LV will surely be full of drama and excitement.


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