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Bethlehem Inn’s mission is to transform lives together through shelter, help and hope for adults and children struggling with homelessness and poverty. The Inn provides shelter services in Bend and Redmond that benefit over 1,300 adults and children each year.

After an average five-week stay, residents are stronger based on key gains in stable housing, school placement for children, access to health care, and customized supports focused on transition to stability. Bethlehem Inn is the largest emergency shelter for men, women and families in Central Oregon’s Tri-County area.

Here is Jim’s perspective on his stay and how our community of supporters enabled him to move forward with his life:

When Jim arrived at Bethlehem Inn, he says he was, “…in a really dark place.” Jim has faced hurdles all of his life. Mental health challenges created most of them. A three-decade career in government service with the State of Oregon ended abruptly. A lump sum pension lasted only so long. Untreated mental illness meant jobs were won and lost. He was headed for life on the street when friends told him about the Inn. Jim didn’t know what to expect, but his first impression and every one after that has been positive.

The Inn, he says, “…has made a huge difference in my life.” Jim is saving money now and searching for housing. Over and over, Jim says he is deeply grateful that, with help from Inn staff, his life hurdles have been overcome and replaced with hope and promise.


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