Biz Software Firms Bloom in Bend


(Photos above: Preston Callicot, CEO Five Talent and Dan Vetra, CEO Kollective Technology)

Think Globally, Act Locally. A retro bumper sticker, but it applies to Five Talent and Kollective Technology, IT firms headquartered in Bend and serving business customers worldwide. And both companies are thriving in Central Oregon and their respective marketplaces.

Five Talent CEO, Preston Callicott, says, “We collaborate with global enterprises or Silicon Valley startups to fully exploit the latest in digital and internet products, services and systems to enable them to harness the immediate innovation to maximize sales and net income. Our partnering demands us to be “Gumbies” for our clients — stretching, twisting and being constantly flexible to nail a solution for their unique IT need.

“The need may be a mobile app, a custom software product, a cloud computing solution, a periscope for digital marketing or website design and development.”

With the blessing of his investors, Dan Vetras, CEO, Kollective Technology made a bold leap to relocate to Bend in 2015 from ground zero in Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, California. The new world headquarters in Bend will expand soon, and Vetras projects it will house forty highly skilled IT individuals — from project managers, to system architects to software developers to finance and marketing managers.

Kollective excels at business “peer to peer networking,” meaning enterprise content (videos, financial statement, sales projections, CAD-CAM configurations) can be distributed simultaneously and dynamically to all offices, remote individuals and contractors, and facilities globally.

The company’s website reports, “Kollective SD ECDN peer-assisted delivery technology leverages top-down network design methodology, efficiently leveraging your existing hardware base. Only a small soft-ware agent needs to be installed on end-user machines, enabling them to participate in a dynamic, self-scaling orchestra of coordinated content distribution activity. It’s like music for your network.”

SD ECDN is software defined enterprise content delivery network. Vetras says Kollective’s SD ECDN is protected with 15 patents. This “secret sauce” will be tested with users this month to allow ECDN to carry security patches and operating system upgrades across organizations. This is a new “Kollective Software Delivery” product as reported in The Bulletin, October 26, 2017.

Callicott joined CTO Ryan Comingdeer in 2010, six years after Comingdeer founded the company in Bend. Callicott reports new business in the current year is such that Five Talent growth is self-financed out of cash flow, not loans or investors. He underscores Five Talent’s partner-centric focus by not claiming intellectual property rights for software creation, proprietary network design and workstation “dash board” innovations. The partner gains differentiation advantage in their marketplace through the consulting, creation and installation of IT innovations by Five Talent.

Callicott adds, “The backbone of our partnering with clients is business ethics. We are driven to give more than we get. The name, Five Talent, comes from the Bible’s recounting the parable about being entrusted with “five talents” of gold, and returning substantially more through good stewardship.”

Five Talent, with deep roots in Bend and Kollective, with recent transplanted roots in the high desert, are separately advancing clients’ healthiness in galvanizing IT latest advances.,,


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