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With growing concerns over the quality of sustenance mass-manufactured foods contain post-production, many families are choosing to eat raw foods. Jen Moore, experienced nutritionist and owner of JEM Raw Organics explains sourcing of ingredients is fundamental. Her company boasts a, “dedication to handcrafting raw, organic, gourmet, specialty foods of the highest quality and nutritional integrity using practices that promote sustainability, fair trade and health.”

Some Central Oregonians may know JEM as a local producer of delicious and nutritious vegan truffles. However, three years ago, JEM “put the truffle in a jar,” Moore says with a giggle, and started creating spreads. One reason for the metamorphosis was the resources required to transport truffles in hot weather.

Though JEM has expanded their menu of ingredient, the artisan decadence of their products hasn’t changed. With labels reading: Coconut Cardamon Almond, Cinnamon Red Macadamia Almond, Super Berry and Chocolate Hazelnut, foodies all over the region have been raving about the transition. Customer support has been so robust, JEM is shipping all over the nation and opening a tasting room in Northwest Crossing.

When asked how JEM accomplishes their goal of gourmet foods with the highest nutritional integrity, Moore starts by explaining what raw refers to when talking about food, “unpasteurized, unroasted and never experiencing high temperatures.”

She then points to the sprouting, stone grinding and small hand crafted batches as keys in JEM’s creation process. Sprouting is a 24-hour process where “phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors are removed making the seed or nut easier to digest and assimilate.” She adds, this is important for “maximum flavor and nutrient absorption.”

JEM also described stone grinding as “the secret behind JEM’s smooth texture.” Grinding at low speeds to keep ingredients raw, the process can take up to 48 hours. This effort ensures that no particle in the final batch will exceed 20 microns, the smallest grain size detectable by the tongue.

Lastly, for people with dietary sensitivities, JEM recipes also exclude gluten, dairy, soy and processed sugar. Moore says their product “proves that decadent food can be enjoyed guiltlessly.”

All three owners, Jen Moore CEO, Tim Moore vice president sales, and Nik Ruth COO, explain their vision, saying, “Every service provided and product delivered by JEM Raw Organics is realized in love and experienced as pleasure.” This dedication is visible via their recent efforts in social media ramping up with a Facebook presence and launching new Instagram and Pinterest pages. JEM encourages customers to digitally reach out and share holiday recipes or images of friends enjoying JEM products.

Interested customers can contact JEM at As the holidays approach, JEM also invites you to visit their tasting room in NorthWest Crossing to see how they blend with intention.


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