Boost Restaurant Morale with the Right Technology


When teams have genuine camaraderie and high morale, they can accomplish anything. Teamwork has a way of allowing people to become more than the sum of their parts.

Running a restaurant requires such a group dynamic, especially while surmounting the challenges of COVID-19. Today, there’s new technology like employee scheduling software, which your employees will love for many reasons.

Let’s explore a few of the top reasons your staff will love employee scheduling software.

Eases Frustrating Tasks

Creating a schedule that meets everybody’s needs is a challenging and time-consuming task. Almost as soon as you finish it, you must complete another one for the next week.

Employee scheduling software can shave up to 80% of the time it takes from creating schedules everyone will love. Employees can let their managers know their work availability remotely through the app, and the automation software produces a schedule that effortlessly juggles everybody’s needs.

Such technology gives employees more control over their personal and work life, which they’ll appreciate.

Communicate Easily

Sometimes technology can be needlessly complicated, as people may be forced to communicate via multiple channels like phone, text, and email. Employee scheduling software has streamlined communication tools that keep everybody connected in a straightforward way.

Teams can configure group chats as needed to keep colleagues connected. If a manager needs to relay information to a specific team, they can send a one-way message that can’t be responded to, preventing long, time-consuming back-and-forth messages.

Staff Engagement

Employee scheduling software allows staff to report feedback after every shift, so managers can keep their finger on the pulse and prevent small issues from escalating into bigger problems. Staff will feel heard and valued when they can relay their perspective to their boss.

Feedback can be left anonymously, so employees can describe how they feel without fearing repercussions.

Effortless Labor Compliance

Modern employee scheduling technology helps ensure restaurants comply with all labor laws, ensuring staff get all the breaks they’re entitled to under the law. They’ll even receive a notification when it’s time to take a break, so they don’t forget.

From the restaurant’s perspective, this feature helps them abide by labor laws and avoid fines. To get a sense of what a challenge this can be at times, check out this labor law cheat sheet about New York State laws.

Modern Punch Clock

Finally, employee scheduling has a modern punch cock feature, which saves businesses money and helps recognize staff for their attendance record. All-star employees deserve to be appreciated, and employee scheduling software makes it happen.

If you’re running a restaurant right now, you’re probably willing to accept any help you can get. It’s easy to understand how staff can get tired or burned out working a job that is stressful at the best of time, never mind during a pandemic. Modern technology like employee scheduling software can give them a much-needed morale lift that can significantly help your restaurant operate.


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