Broken Top Brands Teams Up with Former MLB Pitcher Jake Peavy for Its Expansion to the Big Leagues


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Broken Top Brands, makers of affordable luxury home and personal care products, announces its partnership with former MLB pitcher Jake Peavy to expand into a more extensive territory with increased retail distribution and customer engagement.

Nestled at the Cascade Mountain range base in Oregon, Broken Top started as a late-night candle-making hobby for founder Affton Coffelt and quickly turned into a burgeoning lifestyle brand. With an ethos that sustainable, eco-conscious products should be affordable yet luxurious and healthy, all hand-made home goods and body products are free of parabens and phthalates, gluten-free, and cruelty-free.

When Affton met retired pitcher Peavy through a mutual friend, they instantly connected and had dreams of pushing themselves to achieve more in the business world. Peavy’s post-baseball life drove him into business and entrepreneurship, creating a real spark between them.

“When Jake came to Bend and interacted with our team, he was so kind and genuinely interested,” said Coffelt. “We really got to know each other. He remembers everyone’s names even if he met them quickly. He is a team player through and through, not just in baseball but also in the business world. The strategic goals behind the partnership revolve around building off of one another’s networks, expediting the brand’s growth, and assisting in funding future endeavors of the organization.”

Peavy brings to the venture his proven business skills. On top of being a tenacious athlete, he is a serial entrepreneur who owns restaurants, bars, and the Mobile, Alabama-based Dauphin Street Sound studio, winner of two Emmys and the recipient of gold and platinum records. These day-to-day experiences are what he shares with Affton on their road to increasing Broken Top Brands’ position in the industry, opening new doors, and finding commonality in their love of entrepreneurship.

Peavy expressed, “From the very first conversation with Affton, I was genuinely impressed. Her presentation and demeanor left a strong impression on me. When I had the opportunity to visit Bend and witness their brand-new facility, complete with a well-maintained storefront and efficient operations, it was everything one could hope for. As I delve deeper into their day-to-day operations and the inner workings of the brand, I am truly excited to contribute to its future.”

Peavy’s stats as an entrepreneur rivals his baseball career, where he is the only starting pitcher to win two consecutive World Series (2013 Boston Red Sox and 2014 San Francisco Giants) in both leagues (2013-2014). He was an inductee to the San Diego Padres Hall of Fame in 2023.

The brand, whose all-time best-selling scent is Sea Salt and Surf Soy Candle, has grown year after year in sales and product offerings and is now looking to pursue new avenues that offer more opportunities for becoming a household name.

Coffelt added, “The goal with Broken Top has always been growing and will continue to be so. We have a lot of ideas for product placement, retailer expansions, new looks, and added lines. With Jake’s partnership, we’re positioning ourselves for bigger and greater things!”

About Broken Top Brands: 
Broken Top Brands (previously Broken Top Candle Company) is a lifestyle brand of affordable luxury. Founded in 2015 as a candle company, they now offer an array of home and personal care products. Every scent in its collection has its unique expression. The brand hails from the Pacific Northwest and provides the ultimate gifting experience. Available on Amazon, Whole Foods, Macy’s, Barnes and Noble, and more.


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