Owning a business is like being in a relationship. It’s heartwarming but also scary. Every sweat and toil to make your business success sometimes may turn out disastrous. Ford’s founder, Henry Ford, who having failed a couple of times said, “When it seems like nothing is going your way, remember, a plane takes off against the wind, not beside it.”

Nowadays, things are simple thanks to technology and innovations. However, though, there’s still the risk of failure due to a number of reasons. Your employees missing work due to poor health, equipment failure these are just a few of the many.

How can you then ensure your business is at 100% or up to in productivity and uptime? By using simple devices called linear actuators. These devices enable constant operation with an almost zero failure rate.

Incorporating Actuators in your Business

Although actuators have for a long time been considered and deemed for use in the industrial and manufacturing sector, smaller 12 volt actuators have found their way into homes, offices and small businesses. Some examples of how businesses use actuators in day-to-day operations.


Patience is a trait required by any farmer. In addition to taking care of animals, planning and execution and business organization are skills one ought to have. Constant production is possible only with healthy animals and nominal loses which amounts to enhanced orderliness. So what do bring to your farm?


Decrease loss of animal feed

Currently, farming is very competitive and in order to survive the competition you have to cut down on costs. Electric linear actuators serve a vital function in the dirt-covered environment where grain is handled.

They’re installed on elevators and diverters for precision control of feeds and efficient waste management. During livestock feeding, actuators assist the farmer to automate the process and regulate rations.

Enhance living conditions in stables

You need heat during heater and cooling during summer, livestock too need the same, as we all are animals. What actuators do is integrate easily with the existing systems like stable ventilation (opening and closing dampers) and even cover lifts. Actuators are rigid and work in the harshest conditions with ease (storms, rain, wind). And even come with safety features to stop in case of an overload or power cut.

Efficient and long lasting

Actuators minimal energy use and minimal to zero maintenance in their operational lifespan makes them ideal for farming business. They help in reduction of costs, maximization of uptime and improved production. Feedback sensors maintain precision control, which allows for flexibility and easy customization to meet the farmer’s needs.


Working as a shop or store attendant has its own downs. It recent years, the job has come under huge criticism about how employers treat their employees and their working conditions. The groups affected are cashiers and checkout personnel.

Having an adjustable option on the counter and checkout stand ensures smother working environment for staff. Actuators provide:

  • Exquisite design offering greater flexibility
  • Improved performance and ergonomics – helping you save on operating costs and increase employee productivity
  • Dependability aspect as no maintenance is needed


If you are producing foodstuffs, personal hygiene items or even textile, you’ll always want reliability and efficiency. And that’s what you’ll get with linear actuators. Labor and workers union are ever campaigning for improved employee working environment.


The implementation of actuators use in the industrial setting helps in:

  • Reducing injuries like sprains and bone breakages from heavy lifting, pushing and pulling
  • Getting work done faster
  • Eliminating the risk of human error


Making a living out of fishing requires a good crew and a reliable vessel. Your obligation is to keep your crew safe and at the same time make money. Fishing requires lots of physical strength pushing, hurling, pulling and carrying which is time-consuming. To make operations in your boat smoother, you may opt to go for the electric actuator.

For example, actuators are useful when it comes to raising or lowering the sails on the mast, pulling in fish caught and also opening and closing the hatch. Actuators ensure:

  • Your vessel parts enjoy a long life at sea since conditions are harsh (salty water, storms)
  • Fishing operations within and out of your boat are effectively carried out
  • You save money on repairs to your vessel

There no doubt that actuators are a good add-on to your business setting. They enable you to cut down on costs, keep your business uptime and give you flexibility. Whatever your business, there’s an actuator ready to meet your needs; if not there are numerous custom options. You are able to choose from the smaller 12-volt to the larger 24-volt actuator.

A business is about making a profit and you can’t make a profit if your expenses are high. Adding actuators gives you an edge over your competition, as you are able to effectively get things done. This is because they require zero maintenance throughout their lifetime. You save on electricity, as actuator operations require minimal power.

Before going for an actuator, will be better to consult a specialist of the company like ActuatorZone who will give you a more detailed explanation of what actuator suits you. They will advise you on the voltage, stroke, and force required for particular operations in your business. You can afterward proceed to purchase an actuator of your choice. Actuators give you efficiency, reliability, and flexibility.



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