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Knowing the target customer should be the first step towards creating that business that will bring you profits. Most entrepreneurs focus on the general crowd when setting up a business. You will find kids, men, and women stuff under the same roof.

Some serve only men, while others focus on women. However, the focus is only on adults and not seniors. You will also find thousands of businesses that sell toddlers and kids’ stuff. The seniors’ segment is one area many are yet to explore. The following are some of the business ideas to serve the elderly in society:

Elderly legal services

The seniors in our society need legal representation in many areas. The seniors want the peace of mind knowing that their estates and wills are taken care of. is one of the areas that law attorneys can focus on. Many are the times that we have seen beneficiaries fight over estates after a person passes on. Attorneys can manage the estates until the beneficiaries become of age in case a senior passes on.

There are different laws when it comes to taxation.  Such persons can also advise on the tax benefits and reliefs that the elderly can benefit from. The elders also need help in setting up businesses and enjoying benefits from the government and other institutions that support seniors.

In-Home Care Services

Some of these senior members of society do not have the strength to tackle different chores in their households. Others lead busy lives and never get time to do house chores. Think about doing laundry, cleaning the house, cooking, or even taking care of their gardens.

You can set up an agency that provides such services to the senior members of society. Some of the services, such as laundry and general cleaning, do not require special training. You can always outsource some services, such as professional cleaning and painting. You can charge the seniors per hour or even take a monthly contract for different chores. Equip your employees with customer service tools to improve customer retention levels.

Mobile Salon for Senior Citizens

The elderly still need to look good even in old age. Some of the seniors do not leave their homes, which denies them the chance to access such services. You can find them at home and take part in their grooming journey. The nature of services that you will offer will vary from one person to the other. You may need to include a beautician, and a professional hairdresser in your team to attend to different client needs. You can as well liaise with senior citizens center and get leads of potential customers.

Food delivery for seniors

There reaches a time when people start becoming conscious of their feeding habits. You will hear doctors indicate that the seniors should avoid sugary foods and focus more on organic foods. You can capitalize on this niche and provide supplies for such individuals. Do your research or even consult health experts to know the foods that are on-demand on such a market. It even gets better when you have a truck that you can use to deliver the foods around. You can partner with NGOs or even political groups that serve the elderly in your area.

Home Health Care Services

The elderly are prone to many diseases as their system weakens as age progresses. You can ensure that you are there when they need help by offering home-based healthcare solutions. Such a business will require a medical license to operate. You can partner with a qualified physician and nurses to set up such a venture. You can as well have regular checkups and take precautionary measures where necessary. Your physicians can refer the seniors to hospitals for specialized treatment for cases that cannot be handled at home.

Shopping services

Seniors need various supplies to make their lives smoother. Think about food, medications, and clothes. Some of these people do not leave their houses, which makes it hard to get such supplies. You can set up a venture that helps such people shop. You can collect shopping lists from the elderly, do their shopping, and then deliver. You can as well partner with some vendors who can deliver the wares to the seniors. You can do the deliveries maybe once every fortnight or monthly, depending on their needs. Different people will have different shopping needs based on tastes and circumstances.

Senior tourism

Such people are looking for places where they can have good moments. The buzz of the city might not be the best choice for the elderly. The elderly are not looking for adventure but sites that allow them to relax. Ziplining or even mountain climbing are not the type of activities that attracts seniors. You can partner with sites that have facilities that suit the seniors. The hotels that you partner with should offer meals and services that suit your clients’ needs. Your travel vans can be accommodative by ensuring that they are wheelchair accessible. Do some research to identify some of the activities that the seniors love.

Transport services

The seniors need to visit the doctor, do their shopping, visit relatives, or even go for business meetings. Some of these people are not good on the wheels, while others do not have cars to move around. Public transport is sometimes a challenge for the elderly. Having a venture dedicated to ferrying such people around is bound to succeed. Customize your vehicles to fit the needs of such people. The best approach is to charge per trip for such services. Some seniors might hire you to ferry them around using their vehicles. Some of them can be regular clients, while others travel occasionally based on their needs.

Setting up a venture that focuses on seniors may not be a challenge. However, you need to lay a good foundation by selecting the right business sign, branding, and deciding on the marketing approach to follow. You can mix both traditional and modern marketing techniques for your venture. Let the seniors know that they can trust you with their health and property.


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