Does Your Business Phone System Know Where You Are Right Now?


For many busy professionals on a typical workday, it might feel hard to keep track of whether you are coming or going. The good news is…there’s an app for that. Business phone systems now leverage the internet and the smart phone to make managing business communications seamlessly streamlined.

The functional integration of your business phone, email, smart phone, fax machine, etc. is known as “Unified Communications.” Many advancements in the Unified Communications field have been made in recent years and companies of any size stand to profit from the productivity enhancing features that are available.

App! I’m Being Followed

One such UC feature is a smartphone app lets you communicate remotely with your business phone system, telling it whether you are in the office or out in the field. Calls are routed based on your “presence” status as relayed by the smart phone. The app eliminates the need to be physically by your desk to forward calls. It can even communicate your presence to administrative support staff!

“Follow me” functionality is much-loved by those in the real estate & property management fields, which underscores the benefits sales-driven organizations can derive. Other popular Unified Communications tools are voicemail-to-email and fax-to-email. But with literally hundreds of features available to make your business communications run smoother, there’s still a challenge: identifying which features are right for your business.

Integrating UC in Your Business

Whether your phone system’s PBX (the system’s “brain”) is located on site, or if you use a hosted phone system provider like BendTel, chances are hundreds of features are available that you may not be aware of. Spend an hour or two with a telephony expert, and review the phone system features that will best enhance your specific operational needs. Chances are it’ll save you lots of time in the long run, by making your processes much more efficient.

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