The Business Side Of Online Games


Online gaming is a great form of entertainment enjoyed by people of all ages. On the other side of things, it is also a serious business that generates billions in total industry revenue every year. Developers work hard to figure out ways in which they can entice players to try their game. Even successful ones need to enhance their offerings constantly or they will quickly become irrelevant in this fast-paced world. Consumers can get really excited one day and lose all their interest the next. The most enduring companies are able to keep things fresh while getting a steady stream of revenues.

Online Gambling

There are many paths that can be taken if one wishes to earn using games. With online gambling, the rules are straightforward. Players bid on a game and collect a large sum if they win. They lose it all otherwise with the money going to the house. Choosing a good game is crucial as this will determine the odds from the start. For instance, players at the Royal Vegas online casino may want to play poker or blackjack because it allows them to use their skills instead of relying purely on chance. Others might want to bet on sports games like soccer or boxing.


There are a lot of games where money never really gets into the equation. There is no betting involved or anything else that could cause them to shell out cash. The apps are even free to download. Developers can still earn a significant amount of money if they use advertising. Banners at the top or at the bottom can be displayed during gameplay. Some people might find these too distracting, however, and so the ads are saved for the start and end of a round. For example, solitaire ads usually pop up right before a new deal is provided.

In-app Purchases

Adventure games and even casual games have introduced the concept of in-app purchases. The apps can be downloaded and installed for free. Excellent players may even finish everything without having to provide a single cent. However, most people are likely to find tasks challenging. They can get enhanced abilities, better weapons, more lives, game money, and so on if they use their credit cards to purchase these. This will allow them to blaze through levels and find out what’s next much faster. In other words, they pay for instant gratification. This model can be quite profitable especially with an engaging gameplay.

Title Purchases

Of course, the simplest way to make money off of a game is to ask for upfront payments. This is relatively easy to do for established titles which have lots of fans eagerly anticipating the next release. They are already known entities so people know that they are paying of excellent quality. Newer titles can’t do this yet so they often provide a free demo version featuring the first stages. This may be supported by ads to make a small profit. If people like these, then they can pay for the full version and continue where they left off.


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  1. I think we are reaching into a new realm of gaming now where you download the games for free but are paying for premium content or downloads, in the internet age this does make sense to do.

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