Business start-up essentials for 2021


With more businesses being launched at the kitchen table than ever before, budding entrepreneurs need to have an array of business tools to hand if they want to ensure their great business idea gets off the ground.

Whether you’re trying to craft a business plan, manage your finances and accounts, respond to emails or create eye-catching digital media, starting a business from scratch can quickly become overwhelming. So, with this in mind, let’s explore some of the best business start-up essentials for 2021.

Business planning software

When it comes to starting a business, you must hit the ground running. But with so many different plates to spin and responsibilities to juggle, inexperienced entrepreneurs can often feel like they’re running a marathon that they haven’t trained for. This is where business planning software from can help. Investing in their startup builder guide means you can create a strong foundation for your business and place yourself in a stronger position than your competitors.

With business planning software you can create everything you need to make sense of your business within minutes, from detailed business plans that help you forecast your future, to financial planning and handling of your business expenses. Using Cuttles also makes finding your customers easier with interactive dashboards and real-time analytics that ensure you’re competing with your industry rivals effectively. A strong business foundation means turning the heads of multiple investors and in turn, pushing your success forward!

A Chat Tool

Sometimes, phone calls get missed and video calls suffer from connectivity issues, and when you’re an entrepreneur, you need responses quickly, no matter where in the world your team or your customers are based. This is where a chat tool becomes invaluable. Being able to send a quick IM and touch base with staff and clients alike means sharing ideas, solving queries and resolving issues can be done within seconds, streamlining your workflow and ensuring efficiency. Remember, communication is key!

Music Streaming Service

Not everyone considers background music an essential part of their daily working life. But depending on the kind of business you’re developing, access to the right playlist can make all the difference to your productivity and the experience of your clients. Whether you need something upbeat and electric for your PT sessions, something relaxing for your beauty salon or some low-fi music to instil concentration and ambience in your office space. Having access to a music streaming service can help keep you alert and even engage your clientele.

Graphic Design Software

Not everyone has the skill, time or patience to craft stunning graphic designs. This is usually when businesses draft in the experts. However, if you’re an entrepreneur, your budget may be a little tighter than most. Thankfully, utilising graphic design software, such as Canva, gives you access to thousands of pre-made templates for a variety of social media and website platforms. You can choose fonts, styles, drag-and-drop photos and other media and save all your creations for later use – helping you craft eye-catching graphics that keep your brand image consistent and professional across all platforms.

Final thoughts…

Starting a business from scratch is exciting and often overwhelming, but with the right tools, you’ll be able to hit the ground running.


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