Networking Wisely – Part Two


Let’s face it, other than for a very few of us, the concept of walking boldly and confidently into a networking event is a bit of a challenge. In a survey that I took at a recent event I found that many people would rather do just about anything than network!

Where is the challenge? Creating the time to attend, in an already overloaded schedule is one forbidding aspect, then there is the ‘what do I do once I get there’ piece. Or, as some of my clients put it “Oh no, I have to go out and promote myself in person…no, no, anything but that!”

This is the second in a three part series on Networking Wisely to promote our business. Our first focus was to ‘carefully select which events to attend.’

This second piece is to discover more about ‘who we are’ when networking. Knowing ourselves better will increase our level of both ease and confidence, thus allowing us to more easily make that lasting impression on our prospects. This piece involves paying close attention to how we present ourselves during the event.

Most of us can easily recall uncomfortable networking interactions with individuals that were too rushed, nervous or distracted to tell us anything about their businesses. Or, when they did, it came off in a less than polished manner.

Why is this person here, we might ask? Why are they in the profession that they have chosen if they are not eager to share it with me? Where is their passion? Ah-ha-passion!

Passionate people have put great thought into what they do professionally and care deeply about the results that they produce for both their clients and for their families.

They are excited about who they are with respect to their chosen field and do all that they can do to stay ahead of their game! These are the people who can’t help but attract business wherever they go!

Passion is the key in building our confidence in order to make each networking event not only more enjoyable, but far more profitable!
If this concept of ‘passion’ with respect to your work is a tough one to comprehend, ask yourself, “What is it about me that makes people want to learn more about my product or service? Why do they hire me in the first place? What product or service do I alone produce for my clients? How is what I offer different from the rest? How have I educated or prepared myself to be the best at what I do?”

Passion is the ‘who’ of ‘who we are’ in any situation and where the magic can and will occur in networking! Allow your passion to flow when selecting an event to attend, when driving to the event, walking through the door and introducing yourself. Let the magic begin!

Ann Golden EglĂ©, PCC, CPCC, owner of Golden Visions Success Coaching, LLC, is a motivational coach who coaches executives and entrepreneurs throughout North America. She offers a free weekly ‘Thought’ via e-mail and can be reached at 541-385-8887 or


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