Learn How to Be a Better Manager? Get a Dog!


The Real Life Story of Angel, A Rescued Golden Retriever,

Who Inspired the New Four Golden Rules of Management

Martin P. Levin led a successful career in publishing, spending years at Grosset & Dunlap, and Times-Mirror Book Company, and a term as chair of the Association of American Book Publishers. While he was thriving in the book world, he attended New York Law School at night, and was admitted to the New York Bar at the age of 65.

Now, at 92, Levin still works as a counsel at Cowen, Liebowitz & Latman in New York City. With six decades of experience in effective boardroom management under his belt, Levin is uniquely capable to show us all how to succeed as strong leaders, and the secret – though obvious – isn’t something you would have assumed on your own. All you have to do is get a dog!

In All I Know About Management I Learned From My Dog, Levin follows in the great tradition of two legendary books on management The One Minute Manger and Who Moved My Cheese, both of which established that management doctrine need not be dense and difficult to read.

The book begins with the author, Levin, adopting an aging golden retriever named Angel after his wife’s death. Angel inspires Levin to find an easier and more efficient way to make their lives productive – the ultimate goal of management, for dogs and men.

Along the way, Levin comes to recognize surprising parallels between owning a dog and effective leadership, such as:
•    You sometimes have to earn trust
•    Clear communication is essential
•    Most problems can be solved with determination and a caring heart
•    Perseverance leads to success

Levin draws on his own six decades of experience, stories of success and failure, and how he adapted to the challenges he faced. He explains how fables and body language can make communication more effective, how intelligent problem solving and decision making, along with determination and perseverance, lead inevitably to success.

We all love dogs, but who knew that they were the key to getting ahead at work?  With Levin’s book, and your own pup, anything is possible.

Available in book stores or online. Skyhorse Publishing .


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