Caboost Kombucha Announces Patent-Pending Cold Brew Tea Kombucha


Caboost Kombucha has announced its patent-pending Cold Brew Tea Kombucha, a distinctive way of brewing kombucha that is the reason for Caboost’s original, smooth and non-vinegary taste.

Cold Brew Tea Kombucha offers a unique way to protect key nutrients due to tea leaves not being destroyed by heat. The process of preparing cold brew tea kombucha results in a liquid refreshment that not only has higher health-giving value, but also provides additional advantages and benefits for the consumer. This cold brew tea kombucha process draws fewer tannins into the tea, versus the commonly known hot tea brewing method. Tannins are a type of polyphenol, an antioxidant compound in tea that imparts astringent taste. Having fewer tannins in your tea gives a sweeter flavor to the kombucha, while additionally providing more antioxidants. Heating the water before adding it to the tea leaves cooks the leaves and changes the chemical structure of the leaves. Once hot brewed, bitterness remains in tea even when refrigerated. Features and benefits of Caboost’s Cold Brew Tea Kombucha include but are not limited to the following:

  • Exclusive taste and sweet flavor not found in hot brew tea kombucha
  • Proprietary nutritive blend of white, oolong and green tea. Caboost does not use black tea in their kombucha blends. White tea when cold brewed is known to produce a higher number of antioxidants
  • Protection from degradation by heat to antioxidants found in tea.
  • Reduced carbon footprint — not having to heat water means decreased energy usage
  • Environmentally sustainable and “green” method of brewing kombucha
  • Less caffeine — easier on the stomach while extracting more flavors
  • Proven to boost immunity and increase retention of nutrients in the tea

“Our philosophy is that if you are going to put something into your body, make it work for you. We want you to get the biggest bang for your buck in one beverage. We hope that our consumers find this a great value and beneficial tool in their health. What makes a good cup of tea, does not necessarily make a good cup of kombucha. Our process is not complete after we steep, as is the case with most tea. Most people would not guess they are drinking tea when they drink Caboost Kombucha,” said Kris Romaine from Caboost.

Caboost Kombucha’s Cold Brew Kombucha Tea is already serving the market. The company’s headquarters is based in Bend. They currently sell kombucha statewide in Oregon. You can find Caboost in a store near you. To find a store in a particular area, visit


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