Cannabis Grower Makes Big Money on Energy Efficiency


(Photo credit: Deschutes Growery)

Deschutes Growery Gets Paid for Going Green.

Deschutes Growery is proving that you don’t need to use massive amounts of electricity to grow craft cannabis. And, they’re getting paid for their renewable, efficient energy lighting systems. Phase 1 of their build-out is already saving 213,236 kWh in total electrical savings equivalent to $21,072 in annual costs.

Deschutes Growery became Oregon’s first solar powered indoor cultivation facility in 2016 with the installation of a 56 kW/h system. This is currently saving $12,500 in annual electrical costs. The company took another big, innovative step in 2017 when they converted the entire grow facility to energy-efficient LED lighting.

Although the solar and LED systems required significant up-front investments, large utility cash incentives through the Energy Trust of Oregon’s Cannabis Program helped offset the cost of equipment. With the combination of Energy Trust incentives and reduced utility costs, the total cost of the LED lighting equipment will be offset within 1.5 years and the solar array within four years. While those up-front savings are helpful, they are only one part of the full benefits of the efficiency investments. Co-founder Justin Clapick explains the rationale for the decision to invest in the solar energy and LED lighting systems noting, “When we’re talking about energy usage, it’s mind boggling how much is wasted with the use of inefficient lighting. We now know there’s a different approach, a more responsible one and it includes the use of LED lighting, solar power generation and wind turbines.”

Deschutes Growery is currently building out the middle phase of their eventual 10,000 square foot grow facility incorporating LED lighting throughout. The expected utility incentive for Phase 2 is estimated to be just over $120,000. The solar and LED lighting system is just one piece of the environmental and social responsibility ethic at the crux of Deschutes Growery. The company says to be fully committed to producing pure, clean, organic products and a corporate culture that promotes the growth and wellbeing of employees and the community.


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