Card Holder from Ugears: Mechanical Device, Storage Box for Card Board Games


Lovers of board games are among us. In every group of friends, there is at least one person who has a box of Uno, Exploding Kittens, or Cards Against Humanity at home. Such games develop reactions; people make the acquaintance of each other and learn secrets, preferences, and outlook on life. But it also does not work without tests of the nervous system.

There are also lovers of perfectionism and order. If you want the purchased product to remain new as long as possible, it requires care. All games and toys will remain in good condition if stored properly. UGears company has developed the perfect gift for perfectionists.

UGears Card Holder kit

Just look at UGears Card Holder kit. This mechanical model forms part of a series of tabletop game items, along with the Modular Dice Tower.

Opening the box, you get 77 pieces made from high-grade eco-friendly wood. After spending about two hours and not using glue, these parts will turn into a 3D model of the casket. It will not only be a good helper for saving or successfully transporting games. It is compact but still has 16 compartments that can hold over 400 cards. Besides, it will be a wonderful decoration of the table because the card holder has an elaborate carving that reminds of the fantasy world and imitates the delicate work of elf craftsmen.

A special feature of the elegant box is a lock, by turning which, a cascade of shelves opens, and players can get cards without any problem.

It is worth taking into account that the official UGears website provides an extensive selection of wooden mechanical models. Any of them can become a wonderful decoration, amazing entertainment, or a perfect gift. Take a look at the available puzzles and choose one to your preference.


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