Cascade Tel Reports Increased Demand for Cloud Workspace After Hurricanes Irma & Harvey


Leading Unified Communications Provider Educates Businesses on Cloud Workspace to Avoid Future Impact of Natural Disasters

Cascade Tel, a leading provider of unified communications, has announced today that the company has experienced an increase in demand for cloud workspace following recent natural disasters. Unfortunately, hurricanes Irma and Harvey had an historic destructive impact on SMBs (Small to Mid-sized Businesses) in Florida and Texas. Many companies in these areas were either destroyed completely or severely damaged by Mother Nature. In the wake of these events, business owners regardless of geographic location are now contemplating how to better protect their company’s IT network as well as their data. As a result, Cascade Tel has reported a growing interest in cloud workspace from local businesses.

These types of natural disasters can cause irrevocable harm to businesses and although buildings can be replaced lost productivity and potential data loss cannot. In fact, the vast majority of businesses who face a major data loss, end up closing their doors permanently. Flooded server rooms or buildings torn into shambles, without a strong disaster recovery program can prematurely signal the end to an otherwise strong SMB.

Cloud workspace has the power to ensure business continuity and data protection during catastrophic events because everything resides in the cloud. In layman’s terms, cloud workspace virtualizes every component on a server and desktop computer. So instead of having a physical component such as servers on-site, which can become obsolete, security-breached or malfunctioning, all components are run through the cloud. For end users, this means that every single component of an employee’s workstation will be available to them, regardless of where they’re located or which device they happen to have with them. All software, data, file sharing capabilities, Microsoft programs, and line of business software is located in the cloud. Thus, cloud workspace provides greater security and accessibility versus traditional on-premise hardware.

“Natural disasters put people through so much hardship and the absolute last thing they need is to run into business problems after the dust has settled,” stated Allan Clack, President of Cascade Tel. “Cloud workspace enables companies to withstand the forces of nature. Business owners that leverage this solution know that when these disasters strike, they can be rest assured that their company will continue to operate as long as it is safe for their employees to do so. It is not a surprise to see heightened awareness and demand for cloud workspace.”

As a trusted technology advisor, Cascade Tel has spent years implementing creative IT solutions for these types of situations. The company has invested time, resources and capital in identifying and deploying the right cloud workspace solution. “Regardless of where one lives, natural disasters exist,” added Mr. Clack. “No one can escape Mother Nature; however, with cloud workspace businesses have a greater chance of survival.”

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