Cascades Academy Announces Two New Scholarship Opportunities for High School Students


Cascades Academy announces the creation of the Impact Scholarship and the Kelly Young Scholars Program. These scholarships are for high school students and provide some outstanding opportunities for incoming students to attend Cascades Academy.

The Impact Scholarship was created to award academic excellence in students who are making an impact in their community. It will cover up to $12,000 of tuition costs and is completely merit-based. “We really want to empower students who are change agents in their community and in the world,” said Julie Amberg, Head of School. “This scholarship recognizes students who are committed to academic excellence and making a difference in their community.”

The Kelly Young Scholars Program is a need-based scholarship created in honor of Kelly Young, who believed in providing access to educational opportunities and resources to students of diverse backgrounds. “We are so honored to provide this scholarship in Kelly Young’s name,” said Amberg. “Kelly was someone who truly understood the value of education and wanted to ensure that everyone had access to a great educational experience.” Applicants will be assessed based on past academic performance, contributions to their community and a personal interview.

Students can apply for both scholarships through the school website. Kelly Young Scholar applicants must write an essay and complete the application for financial aid; Impact Scholarship applicants must write an essay and attend the Impact Scholarship Day at Cascades Academy.


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