CBD Oil Brands – How to Tell if a CBD Company is Trustworthy


There has been a lot of press coverage regarding CBD oil, and much controversy also. Let’s begin by talking in a little more detail about CBD oil, what it is, and why it is making the headlines.

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol. This is one of a large number of elements that can be extracted from the cannabis plant, known as cannabinoids. As cannabis is largely illegal, the controversy arises thanks to the origin of the oil. The important thing to remember is the CBD does not contain THC – the element in cannabis that provides the psychedelic ‘high’. Thus, you get the relaxing benefits without this.

As happens with any new product that hits the market, there are some CBD oils that are not what they claim to be. In other words, the market is ripe for scams, which look to take your money and sell you a fake product. We’re here to tell you – in brief – how to spot the real CBD company, so you don’t get taken in by the scammers.

What to Look For

We want you to know exactly what to look for when choosing your CBD oil brand, so let’s highlight a few points to consider:

  • Third Party Testing – you need to see the results of any tests that have been carried out and are referenced. The scammers may claim to have undertaken such tests, but will not display the results.
  • How is it made – a reliable and reputable manufacturer will openly tell you the method it uses to produce its CBD oil; the scam version will not mention this.
  • It must be organic – if there is no indication on the label that it is an organic product, you should steer well clear as it is likely a fake product.
  • Origin – where is it from? If sourced from China, don’t buy it, as it could be contaminated as many examples of CBD oil from China have been found to be.

These are a few of the things that are a tell-tale sign of genuine CBD or otherwise, and you should also check for accurate dosage information, and trust your instincts. If you want to look at some of the more reputable brands and some further information, check this out from CBD Oil Geek, a leading authority on the subject.

Beware False Reviews

One other area that you should be careful with is that of online customer reviews. As with any product, some of these are likely to be fake, and you should be able to spot them a mile away. It’s an instinctive thing, and one that you should trust yourself on.

Also, if you read a supplier’s site claiming that CBD oil can ‘cure’ illnesses and ailments – often those cited are cancer, MS and other very serious conditions – you should not only walk away, but also report them to the relevant authorities. There is no proof that CBD oil cures any such ailments, and genuine suppliers will not make claims otherwise, and the FDA will be more than interested to hear about those who say otherwise.

It is worth noting that CBD oil has been found to help with pain relief, with stress and anxiety, and with sleeping patterns and more, and that research into the properties and benefits of CBD are still ongoing.

Take the time to read the CBD Oil Geek pages as they give you all you need to know about buying the right product, and you will soon find that this is a very useful substance indeed.


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