Celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey & Brother James Malarkey Return to Bend to Open Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge


(Brian Malarkey | Photo by Matt Furman)

Celebrity Chef Brian Malarkey is returning to his hometown of Bend with his brother, James, by his side to unveil the world of Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge. This enchanting steakhouse offers a ‘modern cowboy’ aesthetic and warm, welcoming atmosphere, complete with wood-fired ovens, live music and a space that celebrates Oregon’s great outdoors. Set to open in early 2024, Hawkeye & Huckleberry will take over the Walt Reilly’s building, a building with great bones that resonated with the Malarkey brothers, offering the perfect opportunity to do something special in a place that is so dear to their hearts.

Brian Malarkey’s roots run deep in Central Oregon, having grown up on a Tumalo ranch, where his mom, Lesley Day, raises and shows Cutting Horse and operates the locally famous chimpanzee sanctuary, a 501C3 named Freedom for the Great Apes. He’s not just a culinary virtuoso but also a Redmond High School graduate and a rodeo champ. Over the past two decades, he’s sprinkled his magic in the restaurant world, carved his niche as a television chef extraordinaire, and most recently, concocted Chefs Life, a cooking oil for the home chef. Despite his globetrotting adventures, Brian has always kept a piece of his heart in Central Oregon. He’s spent countless summers at Rainbow Lake, whizzed down the slopes of Mount Bachelor in winter with his three adventurous kids, and even shares a ranch with his mom in Bend. Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge is set to encapsulate everything Brian loves about the art of cooking, the joy of entertaining, and the cherished memories of his ranching upbringing in Oregon.

James Malarkey shares a similar love for the great outdoors and the boundless spaces of Oregon. Growing up on a working ranch in Scappoose Oregon he is an alum of Central Oregon Community College and Oregon State University, an accomplished entrepreneur and marketer, who has patiently bided his time, awaiting an opportunity to work with his Brother and pay tribute to his affection for Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

“It’s been my lifetime dream to come home and cook great food for my friends and give the community another amazing place to share stories, shoot the breeze and celebrate life,” says Brian Malarkey. “It has been so amazing to watch Central Oregon evolve and become a real culinary destination and I’m so excited to be a part of this thriving community.”

Stepping into Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge under lighting reminiscent of the twinkling night sky, diners will be treated to a blend of exotic hot and cold dishes featuring venison, elk, boar, quail, Oregon’s wild-caught salmon and trout, alongside more approachable items like wood-fired pizzas and salads. Many dishes will see the kiss of flame, cooked in wood-fired ovens fueled by locally sourced wood from the Malarkey’s Rainbow Lake property. The Malarkeys even plan to cultivate their own hemp-finished beef at Brian’s mother’s ranch in Tumalo and will import Wagyu from Japan and Grain Fed Beef from Montana.

Bringing together a team of friends and longtime colleagues, Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge has called on Heylen Thienes, founder of Bend-based design firm Tricorn Black, to transform the space into a wonderland for the modern outdoors person. The lively bar and lounge will be the ideal setting for a quick bite and drink after a day on the mountain or a cast in the river. Leaning into the glamping aesthetic, large canvas tents will be available for private special occasion bookings as well as sprawling tables for group and family dining. Additional elements in the space will include a birchwood stage for live music, a seasonal outdoor patio with a ‘Kids Camp’ area, a live fire for roasting s’mores and plenty of room to roam. By the fire in the winter months and under the stars on summer nights, the space ultimately strives to be a gathering place for the community of Bend, including families, couples, groups and anyone who loves Oregon as much as the Malarkeys do.

Hawkeye & Huckleberry Lounge will be located at 225 SW Century Dr. in Bend

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