Central Oregon Companies to Watch


10 Barrel Brewing

Location/website: Pub: 1135 Northwest Galveston Avenue.

New brewing location: 62970 NE 18th Street. 541-678-5228, www.10barrel.com.

CEO: 4 partners: Jeremy Cox, Garrett Wales, Brad Wales and Chris Cox.

No. Employees: 78

Year Established: 2006

Product/Service: Independently handcrafted beer.

Hot News: Opening a pub in Boise, Idaho which will have a 10 Barrel system on site and expanding distribution in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and California.

Outlook for Growth: Added a new 50 BBL brewhouse which will run along side the existing 10 BBL brewhouse. Will allow an increase in production but give the flexibility and creativity to run smaller batches on the 10 BBL system.

Accelrys, formerly Intellichem and Symyx

Location/website: 755 SW Bonnett Way, Ste 2100, Bend, OR 97701, 541-312-8005, www.accelrys.com.

CEO: Founded by Paul & Josh van Eikeren

No. Employees: 24

Year Established: 1998

Product/Service: A drug-discovery software/hardware solution provider. IntelliChem pioneered Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELNs) for use in pharmaceutical research and development, creating the first ELN (Synthesis) to span drug discovery and development.

Hot News: Launched Accelrys Materials Studio 6.1 in late 2012; the software can help accelerate product innovation and enhances the ability of materials scientists to predict properties, perform virtual screening and make experimentation more productive.

Outlook for Growth: Offers the industry’s only scientific informatics system that captures and enables more agile end-to-end scientific workflows, analytics and IP management to achieve better insights and outcomes from R&D.

Advanced Machining Services LLC

Location/website: 20690 Carmen Loop # 100 Bend, OR 97702, 541-617-9500, http://amsbend.com.

Owners: Craig Aschatz & Mark Wolfkeil

No. Employees: 17

Year Established: 2002

Product/Service: A full-service machining shop excelling in CNC Machining and Design; specializes in precision-machined components from the aerospace industry to custom projects.

Hot News: Purchased half a million dollars in new equipment in 2012.

Outlook for Growth: Growth has increased every year since opening and are a diversified company, from aerospace components to medical, agriculture and sporting goods with a strong customer base.

Aerospace Instrumentation Research

Location/website: Mountain High E&S Co., 2244 SE Airport Way Ste. 100, Redmond, 541-548-7500, www.mhoxygen.com.

CEO: Robert Jamieson

No. Employees: 15

Year Established: 1985

Product/Service: A research, design and manufacturer of patented state-of-the-art digital aviation oxygen equipment. The company is known particularly in the general aviation, glider and home built industry for the MH EDS electronic ‘Pulse-Demand’ adaptive oxygen delivery devices.

Hot News: Aerospace Instrumentation Research, Inc., (AIR, Inc., dba as Mountain High Equipment & Supply Company) has moved into a larger location in the Lancair Building at the Redmond Airport.

Outlook for Growth: Systems have an outstanding industry reputation for the research and design improvements to aviation oxygen use and the patented Pulse-Demand oxygen system used by both military and general aviation pilots as well as other oxygen users worldwide.

Agere Pharmaceuticals, Incorporated

Location/website: 62925 NE 18th St., Bend, OR 97701, 541-318-7115, www.agerepharma.com.

Co-Founders: Dan Smithey, Ph.D. (Chief Scientific Officer) / Marshall Crew, Ph.D. (President)

No. Employees: 5

Year Established: 2008

Product/Service: Focused on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for cancer, infectious diseases and immunology. Developed an industry-leading discovery and formulation-optimization platform to advance several of its own proprietary compounds into clinical development.

Hot News: November 2012 added the capability to support clients entering Phase IIb clinical trials with cGMP manufacturing. The new capacity extends the services to pharmaceutical companies that currently partner with Agere for formulation development to improve oral bioavailability of their BCS II and IV compounds.

Outlook for Growth: By expanding cGMP manufacturing services, Agere now offers its clients one-stop-shopping from concept development through manufacturing for advanced clinical trials.


Location/website: (Headquarters) 725 SW Umatilla Ave, Redmond, OR 97756, 541-316-2400. (Retail Store-Great Outdoors) 320 SW Century Parkway, Bend, OR 97702. 541-316-3900, www.altrec.com.

CEO: Mike Morford

No. Employees: 100+

Year Established: 1997

Product/Service: Online retailer of outdoor clothing and equipment.

Hot News: Opened their first retail store, The Great Outdoors, October 2011.

Outlook for Growth: Retail stores amounts to the largest selection of outdoor gear and clothing in Central Oregon


Location/website: 86 SW Century Dr. #390, Bend OR 97702, 541-241-8105, www.aquo.com.

Founders: Michael Taus

No. Employees: 10

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Agile software design and development.

Hot News: Co-organizer of the Ruby on Ales software conference (www.onales.com. Co-founder and mentor at FoundersPad (www.founderspad.com).

Outlook for Growth: Actively developing Bend’s tech ecosystem.


Location/website: 1015 SW Emkay Dr., Bend, OR 97702, 541-382-2208, www.bellatrix.com.

CEO: Steve Morris

No. Employees: 19

Year Established: 1986

Product/Service: Combine electronic, mechanical and computer technologies to create unique, advanced control systems. These systems provide data acquisition, perform complex electromechanical functions and transmit information using optical or high frequency radio channels.

Hot News: Card Trak is a secure, PCI compliant, stand-alone Credit Card System for processing micro-transactions. Bellatrix offers two different models of manually operated indicator units suitable for many purposes.

Outlook for Growth: Bellatrix Systems, Inc. Manufactures an advanced programmable Aerosol Dispenser with optional handheld remote.


Location/website: 19330 Pinehurst Rd., Bend, 541-318-0200, www.bendistillery.com.

CEO: Alan Dietrich

No. Employees: 15

Year Established: 1996

Product/Service: Specialty Vodka and Gin.

Hot News: Just entered a partnership with a local brewery to produce whiskey; introduced Crater Lake Sweet Ginger Vodka in 2012, the first addition to the Crater Lake line since 2006; and is beginning work on an estate-produced line of spirits that will be created entirely from ingredients grown on the distillery property.

Outlook for Growth: Continues to increase production each year; 2012 Bendistillery produced 60,000 cases.

Bend Research

Location/website: 64550 Research Rd. Bend, OR 97701, 541-382-4100, www.bendres.com.

CEO: Rod Ray

No. Employees: 250

Year Established: 1975

Product/Service: A research and analytical laboratory, an engineering and pilot-plant facility and a cGMP manufacturing facility.

Hot News: Made its proprietary spray-dried dispersion (SDD) technology available to Lilly. As part of an already existing agreement with Lilly, will continue to provide formulation, development, analytical, engineering and manufacturing services to Lilly to support its preclinical and clinical development programs.

Outlook for Growth: SDD technology, which improves the bioavailability of compounds with low aqueous solubility, has been applied successfully to hundreds of compounds at various stages of development, from preclinical studies to Phase III clinical trials. Lilly formulators and scientists will also have broad access to Bend Research’s portfolio of other drug-delivery technologies.

Bird Gard

Location/website: PO Box 1690/270 E. Sun Ranch Drive, Sisters, OR, 541-549-0205, www.birdgard.com.

Owner/President: Todd Weitzman

No. Employees: 8

Year Established: 1989

Product/Service: Digital bird repellers.

Hot News: A new and growing market is the dairy industry, where birds continually get into feed lots and eat the cattle grain supply. They tend to concentrate on the high protein parts of the feed, reducing the available nutrition to the cows which diminishes milk production.

Outlook for Growth: Released Deer Shield which harnesses the power of the natural communications and survival instincts of deer to effectively repel them from crops, orchards, airports, gardens and landscaping.

Breedlove Guitars

Location/website: 61573 American Loop, Bend, OR 97702. 877-800-4848, www.breedlovemusic.com, info@breedlovemusic.com.

Owner: Tom Bedell

Year Established: 1990

Product/Services: Guitars and mandolins.

Hot News: Offering new premier series of mandolins composed of the highest grade Sitka Spruce for the top, and Western Big Leaf Maple for the back, sides and neck.

Outlook for Growth: In 2012 moved from Lolo Drive to new facilities spanning around 30,000 square feet on American Lane, just off Reed Market Road to gain further efficiency in the workshop and better service worldwide customers.

Butler Aviation

Location/website: 705 Southeast Salmon Avenue Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-1355, www.butlerairservices.com.

Owner: Travis Mann

Year Established: 1946

Product/Service: Discovery flights over Central Oregon and flight lessons.

Hot News: Business Oregon helped the city of Madras secure an Immediate Opportunity Fund grant of $347,358 to make road improvements to the new city-owned aircraft hangar at the city airport. In addition, Butler Aviation received a Special Public Works Fund (SPWF) loan of $478,000 and a SPWF grant of $50,000 to help construct the new hangar.

Outlook for Growth: Butler Aviation estimates an additional $20 million in economic impact in the region over the next decade and anticipates the creation of 15 full-time jobs.


Location/website: 920 NW Bond St., Suite #201, Bend, OR 97701, 541-241-1945, www.CCITec.com.

President/Founder: Devon Cochenour

No. Employees: 16

Year Established: 2004

Product/Service: Microsoft Certified Partner providing innovation through integration for healthcare organizations.

Hot News: Intelligence specialists recently achieved a Silver Application Integration and Business Intelligence Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network, demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft customers’ evolving needs in the dynamic business environment.

Outlook for Growth: Tremendous growth spurt in 2011 and is expecting the same for 2012. CCI Tec plans to expand and grow the business in 2012 through its Microsoft partnership and the delivery of new solutions.

Central Oregon Truck Company

Location/website: 394 NE Hemlock Ave., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-504-7421, www.centraloregontruck.com.

CEO: Rick Williams, Chairman & CEO

No. Employees: 225

Year Established: 1992

Product/Service: Trucking: flatbed- hauling lumber, building products and van.

Hot News: Consolidated Terrebonne and Prineville locution into 26,000 square foot location in Redmond 2012.

Chase Doors Industries

Location/website: 2809 SW 13th St Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-8787, www.chasedoors.com.

CEO: Mike Hoekstra, General Manager

No. Employees: 85

Year Established: 1980

Product/Service: Plastic doors, custom plastic rotational moulding, traffic doors.

Hot News: Recently added a new strip door curtain system and air doors to their specialty door product line.

Outlook for Growth: Nationwide has over 300 employees and five vertically integrated manufacturing facilities and has become the global leader and most recognized manufacturer of high-quality, made-to-order specialty door systems.

CIES, Inc.

Location/website: 221SE Timber Ave., Redmond, OR 97756, www.ciescorp.com.

CEO/Founder: Scott Philiben

No. Employees: 6

Year Established: 2010

Product/Service: Digital fuel, oil and glycol senders for aircraft and other high value applications. These senders are highly accurate intrinsically safe liquid level sensors for transportation and the fuel storage market. These applications including remote reporting capability to mobile platforms and server systems.

Hot News: In December 2012 CIES Inc. announced the availability of its patented digital Fuel Level Sender technology as a retrofit for all Cirrus Aircraft. This provides CIES Inc the ability to outfit 5,000 recently produced aircraft with our technology, a major step forward for the company.

Outlook for Growth: The multi million dollar contract with Cirrus Aircraft both for the OEM and Retrofit installation, has brought nearly every aircraft manufacturer and Tier 1 fuel quantity supplier in the world to CIES. CIES Inc. is now investing in and building prototype sending units to solve difficult issues for the automotive, marine and LPG tank manufacturers and markets, and is anticipating further announcements of OEM product acceptance of it’s innovative sending technology throughout the year.

CLS Fabrication

Location/website: 20522 Builders Court Bend, OR 97701, 541-749-4257, www.clsfab.com.

Primary Contact: Ben Mitchell

President: Eric Fleming

No. Employees: 41

Year Established: 1984

Product/Service: Precision sheet metal fabrication, general metal manufacturing processes and high volume powdercoating.

Hot News: Designs, manufactures and sells a line of metal cabinetry under the Baldhead Cabinets name, www.baldheadcabinets.com. A new website will be launching in 2013. CLS also partners with many well known local companies as an OEM manufacturing partner for sheet metal and structural products. Customer base extends outside of Central Oregon as well, including the balance of the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Now has two facilities providing over 60,000 square feet of manufacturing space.

Outlook for Growth: Recently acquired a large format high speed CNC punch. This addition rounds out the fabrication competencies to include all major technologies required for nearly any sheet metal product. Seeking further opportunities in structural fabrication and in the last year have enhanced proficiencies in this area with the addition of a certified welding inspector and the employment of multiple certified welders. CLS expects continued growth in this sector.

Clear Catheter (formerly PleuraFlow)

Location/website: 20380 Halfway Road, Suite 4, Bend, OR 97701, 541-382-2533, www.clearcatheter.com.

CEO: Edward Boyle, MD

No. Employees: 10

Year Established: 2006

Product/Service: Medical device company pioneering new technologies including anti-clogging platform of surgical drainage devices.

Hot News: PleuraFlow has been recognized with a 2011 GOOD DESIGN award in the Medical category. Developing distribution for keeping chest tubes clear after surgery.

Outlook for Growth: Raised $4 million from venture capital funds, increased workforce to ten and moved ahead with new product development.

Colfax Tactical

Location/website: 1950 SW Badger Ave. Unit 106, Redmond, Oregon 97756, www.colfaxtactical.com, 541-548-2715.

Owners: Larry and Karen Myers

Year Established: 2008

Product/Service: Manufacture of AR-15 and 308 parts. Retail operation including firearm accessories and prepper supplies.

Hot News: Has been involved in precision design and machining for over 25 years. Product line has been primarily involved in the science world, specifically in the design and construction of servo robotic, computer controlled, astrophotography tracking systems.

Outlook for Growth: Fully equipped CNC machining operated manufacture

Commercial Powder Coating

Location/website: 20554 Builders St. Bend, OR 97701, 541-330-1141, www.commpowder.com.

Company founder: Bill Nye

No. Employees: 20

Year Established: 1999

Product/Service: Started with powder coating as the core to the business, and has continuously grown to meet customer base, which is mostly comprised of commercial customers. Consists of multiple lines in varying configurations to allow diversity with daily needs, offers powder coating, sandblasting, stripping, pretreatment, assembly, packaging and shipping.

Hot News: Updated spray booths and dust collection, added automated three stage wash line.

CR Fabrication Limited

Location/website: 833 SE 1st St., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-548-4369, http://cr-fab.com.

Owners: Casey & Leslie Mott

No. Employees: 19

Year Established: 200

Product/Service: Producers of fabricated and manufactured metal products from detailed unique handrail designs to structural steel products, hitch and trailer repairs and custom trailer builds. CR Fabrication also services the aviation industry with ground support equipment.

Hot News: Purchased new facility in December 2012, facility includes 25,000 square foot fabrication facility and 4,500 square foot paint facility; and continues to expand capabilities and services in the metal fabrication and manufacturing markets nation wide.

Cv International, Inc. and CvB Company

Location/website: 20680 Carmen Loop Road, Suite 101, Bend, OR 97702, 866-330-4382, http://cvintl.com.

Year Established: 1981

Product/Service: Cv International is a service-disabled, veteran-owned small business with more than 30 years in the aviation ground support equipment manufacturing business. Products include mobile/stationary nitrogen generation and servicing systems, aircraft maintenance stands, cryogenic sampling equipment and contaminated fuel detection kits.

Hot News: Released WINDKIT, a portable nitrogen servicing solution in late 2012. The WINDKIT addresses the safety and productivity concerns of maintenance technicians supporting wind turbine maintenance.

Dent Instruments

Location/website: 925 SW Emkay Dr., Bend, OR 97702, 541-388-4774, www.dentinstruments.com.

CEO: Christopher Dent

No. Employees: 20

Year Established: 1988

Product/Service: Designs and manufactures data loggers and energy recorders for today’s energy professionals. Often the first step in developing strong energy strategies, for maintaining peak operations and for lowering operating costs.

Hot News: PG&E uses over 160 Dent Instrument’s ELITE pro SP™ portable data-logging power meters in their novel tool lending library for California utility customers.

Outlook for Growth: Purchased a 15,794 square foot building in 2011 which is nearly five times the size of its previous location, and the new space allows for growth of professional-wage jobs in Central Oregon.

Deschutes Brewery

Location/website: 901 SW Simpson Ave., Bend, OR 97702, 541-385-8606, www.deschutesbrewery.com.

CEO: Gary Fish

No. Employees: 240

Year Established: 1988

Product/Service: Craft Brewery

Hot News: The brewery completed a 6,750 expansion to the brewery headquarters and an updated to their downtown Bend pub. The brewery expansion included an updated tasting room and gift shop, new two-story building to house future processing equipment, new electrical control room, restrooms and showers for the staff as well as constructing a new building to house five additional fermentation tanks. Will allow the brewing of an additional 105,000 barrels.

Outlook for Growth: Deschutes continues to collaborate with NW Breweries and expand distribution throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Element One

Location/website: 62971 Plateau Drive, Suite 300, Bend, OR 97701, 541-306-3976, www.e1na.com.

CEO: Robert Schluter & Dr. Dave Edlund Ph.D., Co-Founders

No. Employees: 6

Year Established: 2010

Product/Service: Designs, develops and sells reliable hydrogen generators (fuel reformers) and hydrogen purifier products for companies providing Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell systems (PEMFC).

Hot News: Demand has been growing worldwide over the last three to four years but the greatest demand is in Asia with a greater need for back-up power. North America has also seen a government initiated requirement for long term back-up power as a result of hurricane Katrina. The FCC created the “Katrina Mandate” requiring cell communications companies to have back-up power in excess of 48 hours.

Outlook for Growth: Goal is to completely out-source manufacturing to Asia due to customer demand. As a manufacturer of hydrogen generators growth has enormous potential, going beyond fuel cells into metal production, oil processing, artificial gemstone production even water purification.

E2 Solar

Location/website: 63063 Layton Ave., Bend, OR 97701, 541-388-1151, www.e2solarenergy.com.

President: Kelli Hewitt

No. Employees: 11

Year Established: 2005

Product/Service: Installs solar energy systems for homes and businesses while offering the high quality design, materials and workmanship.

Outlook for Growth: With the recent decline in equipment costs and growing demand for clean energy, the U.S. solar market has grown over 40 percent from 2012. Oregon offers generous utility incentives and tax credits for solar and is ranked 14th in the nation for installations.

ENERGYneering Solutions Inc. (ESI)

Location/website: 15820 Barclay Drive, Sisters, OR 97759 USA 541-549-8766, www.energyneeringsolutions.com.

CEO: Julie Benson, President Benny Benson

No. Employees: 35

Year Established: 2007

Product/Service: An innovative engineering, construction and operations consulting firm committed to providing quality renewable energy solutions in today’s rapidly changing energy markets to provide clients with unmatched experience, flexibility and follow-through within the renewable energy industry.

Hot News: Designs, builds and operates small power plants that run on green gas – renewables, nationally and internationally.

Outlook for Growth: Have been hiring throughout 2012, and will continue to grow employment numbers. ESI enjoys a niche market; the power plants designed are around a fuel source, a landfill, wastewater treatment plant or a dairy, with lots of room for growth.

Entre Prises USA Climbing Walls

Location/website: 63085 18th Street #101 Bend, OR 97701, 541-388-5463, www.epusa.com.

CEO: Antoine Richard

No. Employees: 40

Year Established: 1988

Product/Service: Artificial climbing walls, handholds, and Clip ‘N Climb elements.

Hot News: Launched two new products in 2012, Lightwave NG-3D curves or rock imitation, custom designs. Indoors or out, full composite technology with non-marking textured top coat. And Clip ‘N Climb-Climbing for everyone…30 uniquely themed climbing challenges. www.clipnclimb.us.

Outlook for Growth: Commercial climbing gym market is exploding. New gyms are popping up all over the country. First U.S. Clip ‘N Climb center will open March 2013. Anticipating 15+ percent growth in 2013.

EnviroTech Services

Location/website: 3875 Northwest Lamonta Road, Prineville, OR, 541-447-7472, www.envirotechservices.com.

CEO: Roger Knoph

No. Employees: 90

Year Established: 1989

Product/Service: Specializes in road treatment products that improve natural and man-made environments.

Hot News: Built new location at the Prineville Freight Depot. With automated production capabilities, the facility will be used to convert dry and liquid materials to produce anti-icing and de-icing materials as well as dust control products used primarily on unpaved roads.

Outlook for Growth: Has a number of plant and storage facilities throughout North America, but none duplicating the specialized magnesium chloride brine process at the Prineville plant, where there is also scope for potential future expansion.

Epic Air

Location/website: 22590 Nelson Road, Bend, OR 97701, 541-318-8849, www.epicaircraft.com.

CEO: Doug King

No. Employees: 23

Year Established: 2010

Product/Service: Kits for building aircraft, including the LT—6-place turboprop; the Escape—4 to 5-place turboprop; and the Victory—single-engine jet, as well as aircraft construction classes.

Hot News: March 2012 acquired by Engineering LLC, a Russian company specializing in aircraft maintenance. The acquisition gave Epic Aircraft the ability to attain certification and expand to a global market. In December 2012, Epic Air purchased the 204,000 square foot property located at 22550 Nelson Road in the Bend Airport Enterprise Zone.

Outlook for Growth: Received FAA Certificates of Airworthiness. This validates a new, improved build process, removed the perception of risk associated with the former company and established a new horizon for this formidable aircraft design. Plans to hire between 40 and 80 employees in 2013. Acquisition of the vacant building allows the company to realize its goal of production beyond kit planes to build aircraft certified by the by the FAA.

eTrix Group

Location/website: 20756 High Desert Ln # 6 Bend, OR 97701, 541-385-0354 www.etrixgroup.com.

Owner: Bob Bryson

No. Employees: 5

Year Established: 2004 (as Bryson Communications)

Product/Service: Electronic design services company. Working from early concept or out of date products, they develop advanced electronic hardware and firmware.

Outlook for Growth: Currently serving customers in aerospace, renewable energy and instrumentation with experts available in digital hardware design, embedded microprocessors, programmable logic, analog and radio frequency communication.

Fido Love

Location/website: www.fidolove.com.

Founder: Reese Mercer

No. Employees: 2

Year Established: 2012

Product/Service: An online meeting place that helps pet lovers find a new home for their dogs, or find a great new dog for their home.

Outlook for Growth: Serves western United States in Oregon, Washington and Northern California. Other states will be added over time.

GL Solutions

Location/website: 3020 NW Merchant Way, Bend, OR 97701, 541-312-3662 www.glsuite.com.

CEO: Bill Moseley

No. Employees: 60

Year Established: 1999

Product/Service: Government regulatory software for licensing of doctors, accountants, charitable gaming, equipment, vehicles, etc. GL Solutions combines years of experience and best practices in both software development and the regulatory industry to provide unparalleled solutions and support for clients and are dedicated to helping their clients make government more efficient and effective.

Outlook for Growth: Recently unveiled GL Simple, a revolutionary tool for new clients to get the best regulatory software with a free installation. It quickly replaces their existing system, providing a firm foundation for today and allows them to enhance their as they move forward. GL Simple empowers government regulatory agencies and leverages the strengths and passions of GL Solutions. Expect that GL Simple will lead to the doubling of staff in the next few years.

G5 Search Marketing

Location/website: 550 NW Franklin Avenue, Suite 200 Bend, OR 97701, 800-554-1965, www.g5platform.com.

CEO: Dan Hobin

No. Employees: 125

Year Established: 2005

Product/Service: Provider of vertical-specific Local Marketing Solutions for mid-market companies.

Hot News: G5 was recently named one of the fastest growing private US companies by Inc. Magazine (third consecutive year), one of North America’s fastest growing technology companies by Deloitte (third consecutive year), and one of Oregon’s fastest growing private companies by Portland Business Journal (third consecutive year).

Outlook for Growth: Posted revenue growth of 1096 percent from 2007 to 2011 to earn the No. 105 position on Deloitte’s annual listing.

Giant Loop

Location/website: 63025 OB Riley Road, Suite 17, Bend, OR 97701, www.giantloopmoto.com.

CEO: Harold Olaf Cecil

Year Established: 2008

Product/Service: Saddlebags and motorcycle tank bags: panniers, soft luggage for adventure and sport touring

Hot News: Attended sports business trade vent in Germany in February 2012. Received a State Trade and Export Promotion grant to attend.

Outlook for Growth: Introduced an updated and expanded 2013 Giant Loop product line at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, November 2012, followed by the Dealer Expo show in Indianapolis in February 2013.

Global Strategies International

Location/website: 19785 Village Office Court, Bend. 541-639-3055, www.globalstrategies.com.

CEO: Jeremy Sanchez

No. Employees: 35

Year Established: 2004

Product/Service: Specializes in working with global enterprise clients in the area of consumer insights, digital strategy and the deployment of Search Engine Marketing programs internally.

Hot News: In 2012, clients IBM, Purina and Intel all increased their consulting retainers in response to great results achieved in the last year. In 2011 GS played a key role in developing insights and setting strategy for business pitches that were won by Ogilvy including: Huggies and Phillips Electronics.

Outlook for Growth: Since acquisition by WPP’s Ogilvy & Mather in 2007, has enjoyed steady growth and foresees a continuation of that trend.

Grace Bio-Labs Inc.

Location/website: SW Cyber Dr., Bend, 541-318-1208, www.gracebio.com.

CEO: Mark Wells VP of Operations and Administration

No. Employees: 30

Year Established: 1995

Product/Service: Develops and manufactures products to improve the speed and accuracy in protein and cell analysis research.

Hot News: Plans on adding a 5,800 square foot addition to current 6,500 square foot facility.

Outlook for Growth: New projects under works including portable machines for testing. Additional 10-15 employees.

GSI Water Solutions

Location/website: 990 NW Brooks Street, Suite 2, Bend, OR 97701, 541-678-5117, www.gsiwatersolutions.com.

President: Dave Livesay

No. Employees: 54

Year Established: 2000

Product/Service: Provides answers to the water supply, environmental and water rights problems facing municipalities, water districts, farmers and industry.

Hot News: Five offices in the Pacific Northwest, and opened a new office in Santa Barbara, California in August 2012,

Outlook for Growth: Grown steadily throughout this economic downturn and plan to continue that growth.

HM3 Energy

Location/website: 500 SE Butler Road, Gresham, OR 97080, 503-674-3380, www.hm3e.com.

CEO/Founder: Hiroshi Morihara

Year Established: 2008

Product/Service: Developed a proprietary process to turn biomass into clean fuel to replace coal in coal-fired power plants; torrefied biomass briquettes can be burned in existing coal plants without any plant modification.

Hot News: Landed a USDA grant that will help build a commercial biomass plant in Prineville, slated for completion in early 2014. The plant is expected to produce about 45,000 tons of torrefied biomass per year. In the future, HM3 plans to build larger plants that produce 90,000 tons per year.

Hydro Flask

Location/website: 561 NW York Drive, Bend, 888-58-HYDRO, www.hydroflask.com.

Email: info@hydroflask.com

CEO: Scott Allan

No. of Employees: 18

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Makes double wall, vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel water bottles that are durable, lightweight, sweat-proof, freeze-proof, 100 percent recyclable, BPA-free and come with an unconditional lifetime warranty.

Hot News: Moved offices to NorthWest Crossing in February 2013. Hired Rocco Villano as its new senior operations manager in January 2013. Awarded Best in Show at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market for the 64oz Growler.

Outlook for Growth: Profitable and growing rapidly, expecting to add multiple new employees in 2013.

Kawak Aviation Technologies

Location/website: 20690 Carmen Loop Suite 102 Bend, OR 97702, 541-385-5051, www.kawakaviation.com, www.facebook.com/KawakAviation.

Principals: Douglas Sawyer and Mike Reightley

No. Employees: 15

Year Established: 1993

Product/Service: Ancillary hydraulic systems for fixed and rotor wing aircraft. High output hover refill pumps for helicopter fire suppression. Custom 757 cargo door control components.

Hot News: Most recent program was the design and supply of the 1100 HP VTOL and 450 HP lateral propulsion systems for the MAV6, Blue Devil II airship, the largest Unmanned Vehicle in the world.

Outlook for Growth: Has a reputation throughout the aviation industry, including UAV (unmanned aviation vehicle) as being progressively innovative with an unprecedented emphasis on performance, safety and reliability. Remained an industry leader for engineering, design and manufacturing of hydraulic actuators, high speed reduction gearboxes, aerial applications for precision agriculture and helicopter firefighting systems.

Keith Manufacturing

Location/website: 401 Northwest Adler St. Madras, OR, 541-475-3802, www.keithwalkingfloor.com.

President: Mark Foster

No. Employees: 200

Product/Service: Core product is WALKING FLOOR hydraulically-driven moving floor conveyor system, with mobile and stationary units used throughout the world in the refuse and recycling, agriculture, ice, cotton, wood products and paper industries.

Outlook for Growth: Holds over 250 patents, with sales and warehouse bases in Mexico, Canada, Europe and Australia, along with a global network of dealers.

Key Technology Incorporated

Location/website: 975 SW First St., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-3997, www.key.net.

CEO: John “Jack” Ehren

No. Employees: 20

Year Established: 1984

Product/Service: Machinery for the food processing industry.

Hot News: Introduced its three-way sorting capability on Optyx, a new advancement that makes this camera/laser sorter ideal for walnuts, raisins, dates, cherries and other small-sized products in late 2012.

Kialoa Paddles

Location/website: PO Box 5626, Bend, OR 97708, 541-382-5355, www.kialoa.com.

CEO: Meg Chun

No. Employees: 13

Year Established: 1991

Product/Service: Innovative, hand-made stand up surf paddles, outrigger paddles and dragon boat paddles.

Hot News: Continues to create new products such as the Pupu Adjustable SUP and Outrigger Hybrid Paddle.

Outlook for Growth: Products are sold through an international network of distributors, and outdoor, specialty paddle and surf shops. Also produces blade covers, paddle bags and a limited range of clothing such as logo tees and hats.

Kombucha Mama

Location/website: Will be relocating to 1125 NE 2nd St., Bend, 541-306-6329, www.kombuchamama.com.

Owners: Michele Plantenberg and Jamie Danek

No. Employees: 6

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Upwards of 10 different flavors of Kombucha.

Hot News: Is moving from their current space at 1,200 sq ft to 5,000 sq ft at 1125 NE Second Street (formerly the Design Lighting Building).

Outlook for Growth: Expansion would include a Kombucha Brewery with retail and a small cafe’. The expansion plan will bump up production to 2,000 (from 500) gallons per week and includes distribution to Portland and all throughout Oregon.

Lancair International

Location/website: 250 SE Timber Ave., Redmond, OR 97756, 541-923-2233, www.lancair.com.

CEO: Robert Wolstenholme, majority owner and chair of LCTI/Lancair International; Lance A. Neibauer, founder

No. Employees: 60

Year Established: 1984

Product/Service: Manufacturer of high-performance owner-built aircraft and composite structures.

Hot News: Delivered 40 Evolutions, an aircraft that is rapidly becoming a general aviation trend setter.

Outlook for Growth: Expanding international sales efforts for the Evolution as well as diversifying into other industries in need of composite fabrication.

Leading Edge Aviation

Location/website: 63048 Powell Butte Hwy, Bend, OR 97701, 541-383-8825, www.leadingedgeavn.com.

President: Brad Fraley

No. Employees: 49

Year Established: 1989

Product/Service: Flight school utilizes a fleet of Robinson R22, Robinson R44, Bell 206B3 for helicopter training, along with a Cessna 172 for fixed wing training. Flight provider for the COCC associates degree program in applied science for aviation and train students from other countries under the M1 visa where they can receive their FAA ratings. An approved certified Robinson Helicopter sales, service, maintenance and overhaul facility and authorized distributors for most major avionics manufacturers as well as contract work for the forest service and the film industry. Operates a USFS and DOI approved charter division assisting with wild land firefighting activities as well as oil and gas exploration and other utility based helicopter flying including tours.

Hot News: Selected through the solicitation and award process to provide helicopter flight training to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aircraft Certification and Inspector Pilots. Leading Edge has just started fixed wing training, Night Vision Goggles training along with training pilots from private through certified flight instrument instructor rating.

Outlook for Growth: Training pilots in every aspect of helicopter flight, from primary through advanced. Expand fixed wing training and expanding our charter side.

LMH Industries

Location/website: 2095 SW Badger Ave., Redmond OR 97756. 541-548-2800, www.lmhindustries.com.

Contact: Wanda Rasmussen, Controller

No. Employees: 100+

Year Established: 2011

Product/Service: Manufacturer of cable assemblies and connectors. Major producer of custom over molds for various types of military connectors.

Hot News: Labor growth rate exceeded expectations for the 2011/2012 year and are now treading with a eight percent increase each quarter.

Outlook for Growth: The cable assembly market is a sizable one at $100 billion dollars worldwide. Will manufacture custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses geared toward both the military and medical industries. 2013: expansion and additional construction of facilities will be completed by year end with expected growth of employee base to 125.

Maretron of Redmond

Location/website: 2121 SW Deerhound Ave. Ste 101. Redmond, OR 97756, www.maretron.com, 866-550-9100.

CEO: Kip Wasilewski Director of Sales for the Americas.

No. Employees: 4

Year Established: 2003

Product/Service: Navigation, weather and monitoring products to aid travel on the high seas. Marine electronic and networking equipment for commercial and recreational boats including tugboats, fireboats, offshore supply ships and pleasure craft larger than 40 feet.

Hot News: Maretron’s Fluid Flow Monitor (FFM100) awarded Sail Magazine’s Pittman award.

Outlook for Growth: In October 2011 introduced a subscription-based internet service for remotely monitoring and controlling a vessel from anywhere in the world. Using the vessel’s internet connection, whether it be wired, Wi-Fi, cellular or satellite, Maretron’s onboard equipment automatically logs onto the Maretron Cloud Server.


Location/website: 906 NW Harriman Street, Suite 300, Bend, OR, 97701, www.manzama.com, 541-678-8829.

CEO: Chair / CEO Peter Ozolin (co-founder)

President / COO: Mark Hinkle (co-founder)

No. Employees: 13

Year Established: 2010

Product/Service: A provider of innovative listening/social monitoring platforms for businesses, especially those operating within the dizzying labyrinths of the law profession. SAS-based software listens for, sniffs out and retrieves information pertinent to its client needs relating to case information, client reputation and profile standing within the internet realm.

Hot News: Partnered with DRI – the voice of the defense bar, the partnership will provide select DRI Substantive Law Committee newsletter content as part of the Manzama Platform.

Outlook for Growth: Has further expanded its client base in Q4 2012. New clients include a number of NLJ 250 law firms.


Location/website: 2747 SW Sixth St., Redmond, OR 97756-7109, 541-923-3310, www.MediSISS.com.

CEO: Jason McKibbin

No. Employees: 55

Year Established: 1997

Product/Service: A FDA-registered medical device reprocessor. Recognized Single Use Device reprocessing leader in the ASC market place. The company is the preferred service provider to thousands of surgeons and healthcare facilities across the nation.

Hot News: Reprocessing is highly regulated by the FDA, and only three companies nationwide do it – Medisiss being the third-largest and the only one in Oregon.

Outlook for Growth: Because the vast majority of the multi-billion dollar domestic market for medical devices are not reprocessed, there is great potential for growth.

Mid Columbia Lumber

Location/website: 380 NW Adler St., Madras, OR 97741, 541-475-7241, www.mid-columbialumber.com.

President/General Manager: Tim Stovall

No. Employees: 40

Year Established: 1987

Product/Service: Employs state of the art manufacturing technology to produce superior quality finger-jointed dimensional lumber.

Hot News: All products are certified by the Western Wood Products Association and meet their stringent manufacturing and quality control standards for production of certified exterior joint dimensional lumber.

Outlook for Growth: Positioned in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, they have access to unlimited lumber resources from its central location in Madras. By utilizing local resources, they minimize freight and delivery times. This keeps lumber costs lower, making customer base more competitive in the global marketplace.

Miller Oil Incorporated

Location/website: 2158 NW O’Neil Hwy, Prineville, OR 97754, 541-416-1078.

CEO: Sheri Miller

No. Employees: 4

Year Established: 2006

Product/Service: Petroleum distributor that supplies Prineville and surrounding area businesses with lubricants, oils and fuel.

Hot News: The provision of loan insurance by Business Oregon through the Credit Enhancement Fund (CEF) enabled Miller Oil to receive a $125,000 line of credit from U.S. Bank.

Outlook for Growth: Loan insurance allowed Miller Oil to continue operations retaining three full-time jobs.


Location/website: 61511 American Ln # 5, Bend, OR 97702-3402, 541-382-2360, www.nashelle.com.

Owner/Founder: Heather Nashelle Straw

No. Employees: 30

Year Established: 2000

Product/Service: Creating beautiful jewelry using recycled precious metals and natural gemstones.

Hot News: Sought after by celebrities like Rachael Ray, Mischa Barton and Sheryl Crow. Opened retail store in Old Mill District January 2013.

Outlook for Growth: Tripled employment over the past year to a team of 30 people making products shipped to 400 boutiques worldwide. Working actively with the Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership to modernize and improve product flow and production efficiencies.


Location/website: 389 SW Scalehouse Ct., Bend, OR 97702, 541-322-7042, www.thenavisway.com.

Founder/Board Member: Milton T. Buehner/CEO Kyle Buehner

No. Employees: 145

Year Established: 1987

Product/Service: Leisure sales optimization for the resort lodging market.

Hot News: Entered into an agreement with Preferred Hotel Group as an Alliance Partner. As part of the two-year agreement, Preferred Hotel Group will recommend NAVIS as a provider of Reservation Sales Optimization Systems to its member hotel and resort participants in the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Outlook for Growth: Ranked #22 in the small business category by the Oregonian and is the highest ranking small business in the Central Oregon area.


Location/website: 550 NW Franklin Ave., Bend, OR 97701, 541-617-0011, www.nlink.net.

CEO/Founder: Sandra Green

No. Employees: 150 countrywide, 8 in Bend

Year Established: 1995

Product/Service: Software development: information, technology and engineering. In its 15th anniversary year, n-Link’s founder financed her remaining majority shares to make 100 percent employee ownership a reality.

Hot News: January 24, 2012 received $43 million contract from the U.S. Department of Commerce to provide network and telecommunications infrastructure support for the agency’s Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO).

Outlook for Growth: n-Link’s growth has earned the company a spot on the Inc. 500/5000 list twice. In June 2011, Inc. Magazine and Winning Workplaces named n-Link a finalist for the 2011 Top Small Company Workplaces.

Nice Industries / Aviator Camera Gear

Location/website: Bend, OR, http://aviatorcameragear.com/.

Founder: Zeke Kamm

No. Employees: 3

Year Established: 2011

Product/Service: Produces gear for filmmakers on the go, easy to use, compact, lightweight and affordable with the features pros and enthusiast need to get great shots again and again.

Hot News: Raised over $220,000 in pledges on kickstarter.com and got national attention when companies such as CNET and TechCrunch published articles about his camera accessory.

Outlook for Growth: On track to have $1,000,000+ in sales for 2013.

Northland Furniture

Location/website: 681 SE Glenwood Dr., Bend, OR 97702, 541-389-3600, www.northlandfurniture.com.

CEO: Jim Hughes

No. Employees: 50

Year Established: 1976

Product/Service: Furniture for the hospitality, senior living healthcare, time share and education industries.

Hot News: In 2011 Caldera, the dynamic arts education center at Suttle Lake, added another jewel to its creative crown with the recent acquisition of land and buildings once belonging to the old Camp Davidson summer church camp necessitated a remodel of the 10,000 square foot main hall into a new conference center with great room and private bedrooms with furniture from Northland.

Outlook for Growth: Occupies a 42,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with state-of-the-art machinery and finishing systems.

Northwest Sign Recycling

Location/website: 1415 NW Murphy Court, Prineville, 541-279-0386. Mailing address: PO Box 2424, Redmond, OR 97756. www.nwsignrecycling.com.

General Manager: Ryan Middaugh

No. Employees: 4

Year Established: 2004

Product/Service: Transforms outdated, weathered aluminum signs into clean reusable blanks – without damaging the environment, which saves over buying new.

Hot News: January 2012 awarded a two year pilot contract by the Oregon State Department of Transportation (ODOT) to execute the aluminum sign reuse program. NWSR and ODOT will work collaboratively toward a cost-effective and sustainable approach for the reuse of aluminum signs throughout Oregon, versus buying new. The company will transform outdated, weathered aluminum highway and street signs into clean reusable blanks, without damaging the environment, greatly reducing Oregon’s sign budget and creating more jobs in the region.

Outlook for Growth: As the demand for preserving the environment and working within tight budgets has become the norm, the company has grown 20-40 percent per year.

As state and federal laws institute new safety standards over the next few years for higher reflectivity signs, including signs such as stop and pedestrian crossings, sign recycling is expected to become even more popular.

Nosler, Inc.

Location/website: 107 SW Columbia S., Bend, OR 97702, 541-382-3921, www.nosler.com.

CEO: Bob Nosler

No. Employees: 130

Year Established: ­­­­1948

Product/Service: Bullets/shooting products including custom rifles, new bullet technology for hunting and competitive shooting and partnerships with other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) in the industry. Nosler is most known for revolutionizing the hunting bullet industry with bullets such as the Partition, Ballistic Tip, AccuBond, E-Tip, Ballistic Tip Lead Free and Varmageddon.

Hot News: County records indicate that the 115 SW Columbia Street property, which includes around 20,000 square feet of Light Industrial Zoned buildings on approximately two acres of land, was purchased for $1 million by Nosler Investments, LLC from Mt. Bachelor Inc. on June 8, 2012.

Outlook for Growth: Nosler, Inc. is aiming to accommodate a rapid growth trajectory with the purchase of the former Mt. Bachelor ‘Bus Barn’ building located at 115 SW Columbia St on Bend’s Westside. Having expanded the workforce to over 130 employees in the current year, Nosler has outgrown the present facilities and the additional space will allow the company to reorganize the plant layout, allowing for greater efficiency and capacity.

Ocean Equipment

Location/website: Carman Loop, Bend, OR 97701. www.oceanequipment.com.

CEO: Rob Walsh, President

No. Employees: 6

Year Established: 1991

Product/Service: Produces mounting solutions for marine electronics, provides factory installed electronics for boat builders and operates as an exclusive North American distributor.

Hot News: Relocated to a 10,000 square foot lease space in Bend’s south east industrial area, after operating out of Irvine, California since 1991. Has another office in Largo, Florida that supports Factory Installed Electronics that provides products for Catalina Yachts, a prominent sailboat builder.

Outlook for Growth: They have world-wide distribution channels for the products they produce domestically and import from Taiwan and China. They also operate as an exclusive North American distributor for boating product lines from countries like Sweden, New Zealand, UK and other European countries, as well as providing factory installed electronics for Catalina Yachts.

Old Creek Wall Bed Factory

Location/website: 20515 Murray Rd, Bend, OR 97701, 800-975-8451, www.wallbedfactory.com.

Owners: Sean Ghiassy and Kristin Johnson

No. Employees: 3

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Murphy bed solutions that can transform a little-used guest bedroom into a unique multi-purpose home office, sewing room, library or game room – and back into a guest bedroom in seconds.

Hot News: Offers solid plywood, which is available on most furniture collections. The plywood has been harvested from FSC certified forests. Awarded LEED Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council (USBGBC).

Outlook for Growth: Planning to hire five people this year.

OnTo Technology LLC

Location/website: 63221 Service Road, Bend, OR 97701, 541- 389-7897, www.onto-technology.com.

CEO: Steve Sloop

No. Employees: 3

Year Established: 2004

Product/Service: Forefront of research and development of processes for rejuvenation of Lithium Ion Technology.

Hot News: Received a two-year $1 million grant in July 2012 from the U.S. Department of Energy to develop recycling options for lithium-ion electric-car batteries.

Outlook for Growth: The growth of waste from consumer electronics and electric vehicles demand the development of rejuvenation processes that are green, low energy and cost effective.

Outback Manufacturing

Location/website: 63076 Crusher Avenue Bend, OR 97701, 541-330-1046, www.outbackmfg.com.

CEO: Sam Shawe

No. Employees: 21

Year Established: 1993

Product/Service: Supplies components for a wide variety of precision assemblies found in instrumentation, data gathering systems, robotics, unmanned air and land vehicles and powerplants. They design and produce components from a variety of materials like titanium, stainless steel, aluminum and non-metallic exotics.

Hot News: Business Oregon provided Outback Manufacturing with 40 percent of the $1.275 million purchase price for a new larger manufacturing facility. The Oregon Business Development Fund loan assisted the company in creating eight new jobs.

Outlook for Growth: New Makino a51 MMC features a fast spindle response that shortens machining times for parts and components made of light alloys and cast iron. The well-balanced support system enhances cutting capabilities in the uppermost region of the machining range. Rigid machine construction supports high acceleration performance.

Paladin Data Corporation

Location/website: 61579 Westridge Ave., Bend, OR 97702, 541-617-9955, www.paladinpos.com.

Founder/ CEO: Dan Nesmith

No. Employees: 28

Year Established: 1980

Product/Service: Point-of-sale solution company specializing in helping retail store owners accomplish more with less through its innovative point-of-sale software and integration with suppliers, credit card processors and equipment manufacturers. Paladin’s primary market segments are retail hardware stores and independent pharmacies.

Hot News: Paladin POS now supports the ACE Instant Savings program for ACE Rewards customers as well as Do It Best Rewards. Paladin now offers Inventory On-Hold, a special ordering system, and many other features for managing lumber yards more efficiently.

Outlook for Growth: Over the next few years, Paladin plans to increase personnel as they expand into the general retail market while deepening their relationship with the pharmacy store industry.

Powers of Automation

Location/website: 61533 American Loop #1, Bend, OR 97701, 541-330-1687, www.powersofautomation.com.

CEO: Steve Powers

No. Employees: 13

Year Established: 1997

Product/Service: NIST calibration services, maintenance programs, UL Listed industrial control panels, fabricate custom manufacturing and assembly equipment, installation and programming.

Outlook for Growth: Pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution companies require equipment calibration and maintenance compliance. Customer base includes Bend Research, BioMarin, McKesson Pharmaceuticals and Agere Pharmaceuticals. More regulations by FDA, FFA, EPA, and DEQ equals growth.


Location/website: 689 NW Stonepine Dr., Bend, OR 97701, 541-382-5745, www.proxense.info.

Founder/CEO: John Giobbi

No. Employees: 35 employees

Year Established: 2005

Product/Service: A wireless technology company providing advanced real-time location and access control systems for healthcare on a single platform.

Hot News: Automatically launches medical records for doctors and healthcare workers — a fingerprint authenticators the identity of the person over a small device attached to a computer’s USB port.

Outlook for Growth: Proxense’s platform—ProxNET is the only wireless system that runs hands-free, instant sign-on/sign-off and real-time location system (RTLS) applications simultaneously on a single, multi-purpose network. It features lower installation, training, support and maintenance costs, a simple search interface for finding data and generating reports, and the capacity to integrate legacy and new third-party applications as needed.


Location/website: PO Box 691, Bend, OR 97709, 541-316-0226, www.pulsedlight3d.com.

CEO/Co-Founder: Robert A. Lewis

COO/Co-Founder: Dennis Corey

Established: 2011

Employees: 2

Product/Service: Developed a patented, optical proximity and distance measurement technology that can be quickly and inexpensively adapted to a variety of applications, from single beam distance measurement to line scanning and complex 3-D imaging. Technology can yield a tenfold improvement in cost, size or performance over competitive non-contact sensors.

Hot News: Technology has the potential to meet an unmet need for compact, inexpensive, high performance sensors in the robotics and unmanned vehicle markets.

Outlook for Growth: Strong interest from conventional sensor manufacturers as well as from the emerging robotics and unmanned vehicle markets will enable PulsedLight to realize strong revenue growth over the next five years.

AE Solar Energy

Location/website: 20720 Brinson Blvd., Bend, OR 97701, 541-312-3832, www.advanced-energy.com.

Exec. VP & GM: Gregg Patterson

No. Employees: 20

Year Established: 2003

Product/Service: AE Solar Energy is driving the adoption of solar by lowering the levelized cost of energy for customers. By providing reliable, easy-to-install Solaron and PV Powered Inverters and SiteGuard whole-site O&M services, AE enables utility scale, commercial and residential solar developers to maximize the financial value of their power plants.

Hot News: January 2013 announced sales and service distribution partnerships with Scientech Corporation (Scientech) and with Collaborated Service Solution, Inc. (CSS), both in Taiwan, to provide product and service sales and support for Advanced Energy (AE) products in the Taiwan market

Outlook for Growth: December 2012 its utility-scale AE 500NX inverters were used for Oregon’s first utility-scale solar energy project, which is also the largest utility-owned and operated solar energy site in the state. The Black Cap Solar Facility, a two-megawatt solar farm in Lakeview, was completed by Swinerton Renewable Energy. Black Cap is operated by PacifiCorp to benefit the utility’s 1.7 million customers in six western states.


Location/website: 545 SE Bridgeford Blvd # A, Bend, OR 97702-1598, 541-447-9925, www.pyrotect.com.

CEO: Steve Russell

No. Employees: 7

Year Established: 1972

Product/Service: Complete line of safety equipment for racers, race crews and track safety personnel.

Hot News: Known for innovative advances in auto racing safety, it makes a range of products, including helmets, fire suits, gloves, shoes, protective wear, safety gear and restraints. Newer Pyrotect innovations include an aerodynamic helmet design geared towards open cockpit racing, which features vehicles such as smaller formula cars and go-karts, and a patented removable, washable liner incorporating grooves to optimize air circulation.

Outlook for Growth: Continue to come up with new design innovations and sell products through an international dealer and distribution network, primarily into the road, rally and dirt racing markets.

RDD Enterprises

Location/website: SE Airport Way, Redmond, 541-504-0305, www.rddent.com.

CEO: David McRae, Mark Mahnke

No. Employees: 17

Year Established: 2007

Product/Service: A brand new Redbird FMX full motion flight simulator has arrived and entered into service at RDD. The simulator is a fully approved for IPC and BFR recurrent training. Provides aviation training to pilots

Hot News: Opening FAA certified simulator Feb. 2013 to flight instructors and the general public to experience flying a plane.

Outlook for Growth: RDD is now providing top notch maintenance and modification service for both experimental and certified aircraft. Currently working on integration of the Therm-Xtechnology into the Lancair Evolution.

RES Equine

Location/website: 1440 NW 87th Street, Redmond OR, 97756, 541-604-1919, www.resboot.com.

CEO: Brett Mills

No. Employees: 4

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Innovative bell and splint boots with replaceable colorful velcro closures.

Hot News: October 2011 lassoed the grand prize of $250,000, winning the launch stage investment from Bend Venture Conference.

Outlook for Growth: RES evolved out of many years of dealing with premature failure of Velcro type hook and loop closures on bell boots used for Rodeo, Barrel Racing and Team Roping. Brett Mills saw the advantage of the replaceable Velcro concept and filed for a patent in 2009.

Ruff Wear

Location/website: 561 NW York Dr., Bend, OR 97701, 541-388-1821, www.ruffwear.com.

CEO/Founder: Patrick Kruse

No. Employees: 22

Year Established: 1992

Product/Service: Performance dog gear to enhance outdoor adventures for dogs and humans.

Hot News: The move to the 21,000-square-foot building in 2013 at 2843 NW Lolo Drive was part of the company’s plan to bring the majority of Ruffwear under one roof. By consolidating into a single location, they will streamline operations, improve collaboration, have room to grow and be that much closer to trails and open space for product testing and getting out for a ride or a run.

Outlook for Growth: Patrick Kruse said, “We are all looking forward to the opportunities that our new space will inspire. The views out of our office perch allow me to feel like a kid sitting in a tree house, envisioning the ideas and dreams that accompany those experiences. The new building’s huge distribution center allows us to continually improve our logistics processes. Our new design and development center will be decked out with new tools that rival Santa’s workshop, allowing us to quickly cobble together whatever we conjure up for our four-legged friends and their human companions.”

Silipint Inc.

Location/website: 150 SW Scalehouse Loop #102, Bend, OR 97702, 541-678-5044, www.silipint.com.

Inventor: Rick Fredland

No. Employees: 5

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Silipint is the world’s first silicone pint glass. Silicone cup comes in the shape of a standard pint glass, dishwasher and microwave safe, free of the chemical bisphenol. Made from the same 100 percent food grade silicone that make baby bottle nipples, so have no fear of BPA toxins or off-gassing.

Hot News: Take it anywhere and challenge it to extremes. Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, freezer safe, oven safe. Silipints have twice the insulation value as glass, so not only do hot drinks stay hotter and cold drinks stay colder, it’s also great for boiling water or refreezing smoothies and ice cream.

Outlook for Growth: In November 2011 the company had sold every piece of inventory they had before it even hit U.S. soil. Keeping up with the growth and demand is their biggest challenge.

SisTech Manufacturing

Location/website: 63056 Lower Meadow Drive, Bend, OR 97701, 877-792-2779, http://sistechmfg.com.

CEO: Lorraine Kennedy

No. Employees: 11

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Manufactures circuit boards and computer equipment.

Hot News: August 2012 ISO9001 certification. Quality System has been verified to be AS9100C compliant.

Outlook for Growth: Expanding to new 22,000 square foot facility in North Brinson Business Park in enterprise zone. Breaking ground January 2013 at a cost of about $1.8 million. Expects to hire one more this year. Received five year tax from Bend City Council with potential savings of $23,500.

Smartwaiver Inc.

Location/website: 233 SW Wilson Ave. Ste 1, Bend, 97702, 800-277-0285, www.smartwaiver.com.

CEO: Mark Silliman

No. Employees: 7

Year Established: 2012

Product/Service: Online waiver solution for businesses large and small.

Hot News: Selected by the NFL as its online waiver solution to collect 200K signed digital waivers at NFL Experience during Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans.

Outlook for growth: Millions of liability waivers are signed each day. Smartwaiver converts traditional paper waivers into fully customized, digital waivers allowing participants to sign online from any computer or mobile device. Once signed, the digital waivers are stored in a secure, searchable online database. In its first year of operation, clients include: NFL, Orange Bowl (BCS National Championship) and YMCA.

Smith Brothers Pushrods

Location/website: 62958 Layton Ave. Suite 4, Redmond, OR 97756, 541-388-8188, www.pushrods.net.

CEO: Dennis Marshall

No. Employees: 7

Year Established: 1999

Product/Service: Provides pushrods for most engines. From an early Chrysler Hemi, Rolls-Royce, Harley Davidson, John Deere, Triumph to single or dual tapered, 4130 chromoly, 2024 T-3 aluminum or 3AL 2.5V titanium. And fast turnaround time is the industry standard at Smith Bros. Pushrods.

Hot News: Moved from Bend to new 30,000 square foot location in Redmond enterprise zone in December 2012.

Outlook for Growth: From Top Fuel to Tractor Pulls and all forms in between, Smith Brothers evolves with the racing industry to continue to offer strength and durability that is needed in today’s competition.


Location/website: 420 Windy Knolls Dr. Suite 2, Bend, OR 97701, 541-306-1154, http://spindriftdog.com.

CEO: Julie Hunter

No. Employees: 15

Year Established: 1999

Product/Service: Handmade quality dog gear.

Hot News: Now sold in over 600 independent retailers nation wide and internationally.

Outlook for Growth: Wholly manufactured in Central Oregon, Spindrift creates a line of dog products that are both strong and durable, and designed with the dog’s (and the dog owner’s) comfort in mind. Details like neoprene linings, stuffed tubular webbing, quick-release clips and traffic leads were built into many of its products.


Location/website: 805 Southwest Industrial Way, Bend, OR 97702, 541-647-5670, www.streamItpro.com.

CEO: Jeff Coffey

No. Employees: 4

Year Established: 2009

Product/Service: Offers turn-key, easy to use online video platforms for associations, conference organizations, professional speakers and video production companies. Whether the content is streaming live or from an archived source, in one day video content producers can setup a streamitaccount, post their digital content and profit in their own online storefront.

Hot News: Stream your documents, training videos, power point presentations, accredited content, live blogs and interactive product manuals when and where your audience wants them.

Outlook for Growth: In finding a better solution, they partnered with Akamai, Ooyala, and Company so they could design a platform to serve both content producers and consumers of online video content. Publicly launched the company in July 2011.

Sunlight Solar Energy, Inc.

Location/website: 50 SE Scott, Building #13., Bend, OR 97702, 541-322-1910, www.sunlightsolar.com.

Founder and President: Paul N. Israel

No. Employees: 46

Year Established: 1988

Product/Service: Design and installation of residential and commercial grid-tied solar electric, solar domestic hot water, radiant floor heating and pool heating systems.

Hot News: With four offices and growing, they are one of the leading installers of solar electric–often called photovoltaic (or PV) in the US, they feature Sunrun, the nation’s leading home solar power financing and leasing company.

Outlook for Growth: Excellent, with larger agricultural based roofs and fields of solar and Oregon’s first True Solar finance program.

Surface Dynamix

Location/website: 63076 NE 18th St., Bend, OR 97701, 541-350-7832, www.surfacedynamix.com.

Chief Brand Officer: Mike Boyle

No. Employees: 3

Year Established: 2010

Product Service: A glass repair, restoration and manufacturing company that specializes in surface restoration and protection of transparent materials in the automotive, architectural, marine and energy markets.

Hot News: 2012 New 1,200 square foot state-of-the-art R&D / Training Center. Its unique design and rural location make it the perfect environment for developing world class, cutting edge training systems for not only its product, but most all other glass repair and restoration systems that gives technicians the opportunity to cross train on multiple systems if necessary.

Outlook for Growth: New facility allows for continuous expansion with state of the art computer and video capabilities as well as an R&D center giving them the ability to learn, communicate and inform or clients all over the world.


Location/website: 20950 NE Talus Pl., Bend, OR 97701, 541-388-3688, www.suterra.com.

CFO: Matthew Bohnert

No. Employees: 65

Year Established: 1984

Product/Service: Insect control products for commercial, agricultural markets.

Hot News: One of the largest biorational pest control providers in the world. Dedicated to researching, developing and commercializing environmentally sound products using naturally occurring compounds and biochemicals such as pheromones.

Outlook for Growth: Products are used to protect such crops as almonds, apples, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, walnuts and vegetables with products registered for sale around the world. Hopes to expand current building by 17,000 square feet in 2013.

TechSoft 3D

Location/Web: 1567 SW Chandler Ave. Ste. 201, Bend, OR 97702, 541-385-6158, www.TechSoft3D.com.

CEO: Ron Fritz

No. Employees: 3

Year Established: 2006

Product/Service: Software development tools, training and consulting that enable 200+ customers to rapidly deliver world-class technical software.

Hot News: In November 2012 releases HOOPS Communicator, a software solution for developers of cloud-based manufacturing applications. Software companies can quickly enable their users to view, inspect and share 3D CAD data on the fly, without any specialized 3D expertise.

Outlook for Growth: HOOPS Communicator will transform the ease of developing cloud applications with cutting-edge 3D querying viewing and interaction.


Location/website: 354 NE Greenwood Ave., Bend, OR 97701, 541-389-3880, www.telesourcecenter.com.

Director of Client Services: Nick McCallion

No. Employees: 28 in Bend

Year Established: 2006

Product/Service: Business to business telemarketing and in bound call centre services.

Hot News: In March 2011 announced increased employed and advanced software improvements. Enhanced its internal search engine optimization (SEO) efforts in order to successfully achieve top listing positions with major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Outlook for Growth: Expand by two or three employees in new office of 2,600 square feet in February 2011.

TRG Customer Solutions

Location/website: 501 SW Hill St., Bend, OR 97702, 541-647-6670, www.trgworld.com.

CEO: Steve Newman

No. Employees: 550

Year Established: 1984

Product/Service: Global business process outsourcing (BPO) provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions and technologies. Supports more than 175 global clients from 14 operations centers in six countries. The company maintains over 5,000 workstations that support multi-channel inbound and outbound communications via phone, web, e-mail, direct mail and fax.

Hot News: 2011 announces 20 percent salary increase. Entry-level employees can earn $26,000 annually by the end of their first year.

Outlook for Growth: Focused on providing meaningful and actionable customer insight to clients so that they can manage their brands and their customers.

US Rare Earth Minerals

Location/website: PO Box 9759, Bend, OR 97708, 800-920-7507, www.us-rem.com.

President / CEO: Dennis Cullison

No. Employees: 5

Year Established: 2005

Product/Service: Excelerite, a soil supplement with international export contracts. Restores mineral balance derived from minerals mined from Nevada. Includes guaranteed amounts of necessary plant nutrients.

Hot News: Exciting developments will be announced soon.

Outlook for Growth: Outlook promising.

Validation Resources

Location/website: 63020 Lower Meadow Dr., Bend, OR 97701, 541-388-1253, www.validation-resources.com.

CEO: Raymond Colton

No. Employees: 25

Year Established: 2001

Product/Service: A cGMP-compliant laboratory offering analytical services to pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Hot News: Received five year tax break in enterprise zone September 2012. Expects to hire three to five more people.

Outlook for Growth: Has a distinctive focus on detecting and identifying trace chemicals whether they are extractables, leachables or impurities. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA are requiring biopharmaceutical companies to address the potential that leachables from plastic manufacturing and packaging materials may affect the safety or efficacy of the final drug product. Validation Resources has an established reputation as a lab that combines a scientific approach with the knowledge of regulatory requirements to help our customers meet this requirement. This strength combined with their knowledge of polymeric and rubber materials and current FDA regulatory guidances, allows them to customize an analytical program for your pharmaceutical process validation needs.


Location/website: 63270 Lyman Pl., Bend, OR 97701, 541-330-6045, www.vocalbooth.com.

CEO: Calvin Mann

No. Employees: 18

Year Established: 1997

Product/Service: Industry-leading innovator and manufacturer specializing in state-of-the-art portable sound rooms and isolation enclosures.

Hot News: Launched a smart phone and iPhone APP that contains the eBrochure, videos, pricing, product features and more. Reinvented web presence with revamped menus, digital downloads, updated product images and simple page layouts. Landed major clients over the past few years: Dominick Howard (MUSE), Matthew Bellamy (MUSE), Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Coldplay, Rich Dad Radio Show, Mariah Carey, Shaka Khan, Lady Gaga, ABC TV’s NASHVILLE show and others.

Outlook for Growth: Have made major innovative improvements to products facilitated by the purchase of their own door making machinery and metal fabrication machines. Have added a second building to support the surge in growth.

Warm Springs Composite Products

Location/website: 3270 US Highway 26 # 8, Warm Springs, OR 97761 541-553-1143, www.wscp.com.

CEO: Duane Darnell

No. Employees: 40

Year Established: 1994

Product/Service: Native American-owned manufacturer produces Tectonite-based fire-rated architectural door components, fire-rated wood door frames, composite ballistics materials, industrial composites and specialized wood products, in addition to offering value-added services for commercial door manufacturers.

Hot News: Tectonite, the material that has been the foundation for Warm Springs Composite Products, is derived from the unique diatomaceous earth found in this part of Oregon. Holds a number of patents on products and processes which help make it a leading supplier of fire-rated building components in the U.S.

Outlook for Growth: Experiencing rapid growth in overseas markets, including a large number of high-profile projects in South Korea, Dubai and Bahrain. Particularly strong sales in the Middle East prompted WSCP to open a sales office in Dubai in 2008. The company’s success can be attributed in large part to a sophisticated product development strategy focused on adding value to its base products in order to create new ones.

Windward Performance

Location/website: 63008 Powell Butte Hwy. Bend, OR 97701. 541-382-1056, www.windward-performance.com.

CEO: Greg Cole

No. Employees: 12

Year Established: 2002

Product/Service: Specializes in composite design and fabrication for the Aerospace industry.

Hot News: Designs and builds high-performance flying machines including a glider designed to soar to a record-breaking 90,000 feet. Currently building a couple of custom order jet powered sailplanes.

Outlook for Growth: Plans to grow to 120 jobs.

Zoomi Tags

Location/website: 475 SE Bridgeford, Bend, OR 97701, 541-389-7622, www.zoomitags.com, www.cascadegraphics.com.

CFO: Wendy Marlin

General Manager/Principle: Billy Sherritt

No. Employees: 17

Year Established: 2002

Product/Service: Fuel identification TAG, which is made from a proprietary blend of polyester thermoplastic membrane that is solvent resistant and fits over the threaded opening of all personal fuel cans. Commercial screen printing, bottle decorating and warehousing services.

Hot News: Recently opened a new 17,000 square foot manufacturing plant at Bend Airport. Purchased a bottle printing press and conveyor oven to decorate local specialty beer bottles for craft brewing operations.

Outlook for Growth: At National Hardware Show the company was approached by some of the largest retailers in the world and asked to present their vendor application information so that they can become a qualified supplier to their respective stores. Provides Zoomi Tag product to eight Do it Best Distribution Centers in the U. S. Has become a vendor for AM Leonard Co. that produces product for The Gardner’s Edge catalog. Diversified the customer base and product mix for the traditional Cascade Graphics screen printing operations.


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