Central Oregon Economic Outlook 2023: Hang On For the Ride!


Listening to national media these days you hear many terms being thrown around to describe elements of the state of our economy. High inflation, low unemployment, tax cuts, government spending, supply chain issues, gas prices, consumer spending, tech layoffs, bear market, war and of course, recession, recession, recession, to name a few. I personally like “soft landing.”

Josh Lehner, economist for the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis states, “Historically, inflationary economic booms have not ended well. The economy is not out of the woods just yet and many forecasters believe a recession is more likely than not. The good news is that the recent few months of data show a resilient economy and slowing inflation. The odds of the soft landing are rising.”

While many global events play into our national economy, they also trickle to our local economy, which is where the focus of our Outlook will be, Central Oregon.

My feeling is 2023 will be OK, however, I am no expert, so we’ve rounded up regional experts and professionals to offer their insights on pages 11-22 of the current February 1 CBN.

Thank you to all of our contributors!

Cheers to 2023! Hang on for the ride!



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