Chamber Director Describes Local Business Climate as ‘Optimistic but Hesitant’


(La Pine’s Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to connecting businesses with resources | Photo by Andrea Hine)

“Overall, I’d describe La Pine’s business climate as optimistic but hesitant,” said Ann Gawith, long-time executive director of the Chamber of Commerce. “While people are grateful that Covid is behind them, and that tourism is back to normal, economic factors such as recession and inflation make them hold their breath, and see where we’re going to go.”

Emphasizing that connecting businesses with resources is “one of the things we do very well,” Gawith said that “our Chamber has contacts all the way to the state level who are always watching legislation and looking out for small businesses. “

Sometimes, she added, “it’s a matter of just talking it out with others who have weathered similar situations, and being reassured that ‘you can make it through this.’ Interestingly, when times are a little shaky, businesses are more likely to look for networking opportunities. We are here for that, and as a result have attracted new chamber members who realize the benefits of membership.”


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