How To Choose a New Roof for Your New Jersey House?


Part of the goals and objectives of human life is to own a home. It is unimaginable to think of any New Jersey resident who aspires to be a tenant for the rest of their lives. However, owning a home is just the tip of the iceberg. How you build your house will determine whether you will join the list of happy homeowners. After all, you would not want to live in a dull house that is not accompanied by a sense of style.


The roof is one of the critical areas of your house. Therefore, identifying the best roof will help to enhance the aesthetic value of your prized asset. As you make this decision, some aspects such as cost and maintenance should be among the issues under consideration.

Detailed research will provide a few guidelines on how to choose the best roof for your New Jersey home. Below is a list of some viable tips.

What is the cost?

Installing a new roof will come at a cost, but how much are you willing to spend. The overall cost can be relatively affordable or prohibitive. Your financial muscle will dictate the type of roof that you will get. If you are replacing an existing roof, you have to take into account its current condition. You must decide if the old roof will be stripped off. Moreover, roofs come in different shapes. Each shape comes with a different price tag. Other factors that may determine the cost of the roof include the roofing materials, height, complexity, and steepness.



If this is the place you intend to call home for the next couple of years, you must go for a durable roof. Such a roof must withstand the test of time. A New Jersey roofing expert will advise you that the pricier the roof, the more it is likely to last twice as long. Since the process of installing a roof is costly and disruptive, why not pay more for something that will have a longer life span.

Fire ratings

In New Jersey, you never know when tragedy might strike. When scouring for a new roof, do not ignore the fire ratings. It is essential to understand the extent to which the roofing materials can withstand flames of fire. The fire ratings of roofing materials can either be, Class A, B, or C. Those materials in Class A such as metal roofs have high fire resistance. Under Class B, the roofing materials such as Asphalt shingles can withstand moderate exposure to fire. In the case of Class C, such a roof can only withstand minor exposure. Wood shakes tend to fall in this category.


As far as roofing terminologies go, you need to bring yourself to speed with these terms. When installing a roof, New Jersey roofers tend to talk in terms of squares. In a given area, 100 square feet is equivalent to one square. If your house happens to be 2,000-square-foot, you will have to purchase a roof that will cover an area of 1,500 square feet. This size can also be equivalent to fifteen squares. These terminologies will give you an estimate of the overall of the roofing materials.

New Jersey weather

It is common knowledge that New Jersey tends to be affected by hurricanes and high winds. When choosing roofing materials for your house, always go for those that cannot be ripped off by a perfect storm. If possible, you should consider the option of installing a hip roof since it comes aerodynamic features that will protect your house from extreme wind forces.


You do not want to build a house in New Jersey only for you to start complaining of leakages and constant repairs on your roof. Why not invest in the best type of roof? Always go to that roof that will leave your house with an enviable look. Even though cost is a factor of consideration, do not be tempted to compromise on quality. It would be shameful for you to seek for refuge in your neighbor’s house because your roof has been ripped off by a hailstorm.


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