Choosing The Right Office Location: The Checklist You Thought You Never Needed


Whether you’re thinking about extending out of your residence office or simply relocating, there are numerous factors which go into the determination of your brand-new office location- even before you begin the interior designing process. will agree with you that the very first law in real estate is location, location, location. Before anything more, evaluate your budget. What can you manage to spend on a per-square-foot basis? How much square-footage will that make you in your first, second or third option neighbourhood?

Acquiring your office location best can build or demolish your business. If you’re a retail shop, you need to be established with other stores, close to many restaurants, foot traffic, etc. If you’re a technology organization, it might be less essential to be situated downtown depending on the kinds of clients and employees you wish to attract & keep. Of course, there’s the uncertain balance between budget & your thought of the ideal place.

Here is a checklist of things you need to have in mind as you begin your search.

  1. Neighbourhood

You will need to check if your employees will feel safe leaving the location at any hour. If the cost per square foot is low, check to see if the neighbourhood has a reputation for safety. Likewise, you need also to consider:

  • How your clients will feel coming to that neighbourhood
  • Whether or not it’s easy to get to
  • The image the town or city project
  • Whether it’s hot and trendy
  • Traditional or family-oriented
  • Urban or suburban
  • Whether or not you are in the same area as the clients you wish to attract

Clients will give quick judgments concerning your business just from its address.

  1. Accessibility

It’s imperative to consider the kind of transportation that would be available to and from your office location:

> Can your workers take a train or a bus to work?

> Is there enough parking for your clients and workers?

> Can you offer a van or bus from the train terminal if you’re situated so far away?

Evaluate your current employees’ everyday commute as it’s presently and contrast it to your scheduled location. Think about optional travel paths for clients and visitors. Keep in mind that if you are interested in green initiatives, these questions take on even greater meaning.

  1. Amenities

A good office location should be located where there’re local restaurants where your employees can have lunch or you can take a client for a meal. It’s also important to keep a checklist of the following:

  • Is there a printer nearby for the last minute brochure?
  • Can your secretary run out to get office supplies in case of any need?
  • Is there a neighbourhood bank, grocery store or pharmacy, where your workers can run their tasks at lunch or draw their paycheck?
  • What about accessibility to daycare?

Don’t forget that employees keep your business running, and convenience buys lots of employee goodwill.


These are the most important factors you need to consider before choosing your ideal office location. Honestly speaking, you would want a location situated in an environment where not only you but also your workers are comfortable working in. Choosing the location well will also maximize the benefits of your business greatly. By following keenly the above checklist, you will be sure to succeed.


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