Christopher Nolan , who should return well the brain within a few days


Since yesterday, the reviews of TENET fall on the Web and a good portion of them are quite positive about the qualities of the new film by Christopher Nolan , who should return well the brain within a few days. Warner Bros. Pictures and the movie industry are obviously relying on the feature film to bring people back to theaters where the situation permits, so it’s no wonder that an ultimate trailer has been released that shows us some of it. just a little more compared to the previous ones .

It is therefore with in the background the song The Plan by Travis Scott (after the marketing collaboration with Fortnite it is a logical continuation), from the OST of the film, that we discover John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debicki or Kenneth Branagh through some new scenes punctuating the passages already unveiled. The ending obviously catches our attention the most, showing war scenes where soldiers wear masks, suggesting that this is the future.

Christopher Nolan fought for it, cinema operators and fans of the Inception director hoped. The most anticipated film in the world was screened this week . The love of cinema prevailed and Tenet will actually be running in German cinemas from next week, while the number of infections is increasing worldwide. When Rome is on fire, the canvases glow too.


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