Cody’s Country Catering — Three Generations of Excellence


(Cody Serbus and the Serbus family | Photo courtesy of Cody’s Country Catering)

Cody’s Country Catering, formerly the Country Catering Meat Market, was started back in 1968 in Goleta, California, part of Santa Barbara County. The founder, fondly known as “Grandpa Frank,” would start a legacy of high-quality catering, customer service and above all else, incredible food.

In 1991, the company would rebrand as the Country Catering Co. and Deli, and move up to Bend. Now, Frank’s grandson, Cody Serbus, leads the rebranded (as of 2020) Cody’s Country Catering as the third generation to do so.

The modern Cody’s Country Catering is a well-known and much loved member of Bend’s culinary and event scene. Cody’s Country Catering is often the first suggestion many wedding venues bring to the soon-to-be newlyweds who have booked the venue but don’t know where to look for quality catering. Popular wedding venues in Central Oregon have partnered with Cody’s Country Catering, including Dee Bar Farms in Powell Butte, Long Hollow Ranch in Sisters and Shepherdsfield, also in Sisters.

Rick Pike, Cody’s father in law who’s affectionately known as the “old man in the back office” helps oversee the business, and keep the family organized and on track.

“When you have a business that contains a number of family members, it holds you to a higher accountability,” Pike said. “You are invested in the name and people. Families will have that dedication to each other, as well as the service element to help make sure that the business’s and the family’s reputation is upheld.”

According to Pike, Cody operates a wonderful atmosphere, for both employees and customers. “It motivates you to support that reputation, making sure every experience is an amazing experience.” Having raving fans is great for business, and their goal is to serve customers so well that those customers can’t help but rave to their friends about the amazing food and service.

Family is not only a key element of this business, but it is actually what the business was founded on. Pike says that when the business hires non-family members, they often feel adopted into the family and are treated with the same respect that would be given to a family member, while being held to the same high standard.

While family is obviously a huge factor for the business, the food is second to none; Cody has understood this importance from a very young age. “I have been dedicated to this business my entire life, and learning to Grill just as soon as I was able to walk,” Cody said. “The amount of time needed to offer a successful menu is a true labor of love. We must pay close attention to trending foods and menus, while still holding on to what has brought about our success as a Caterer & Chef. Everybody loves a good BBQ, and Tri-Tip is my specialty.”

Cody also believes that BBQ should be for everyone, so he makes sure that both vegan and vegetarian options are not just available or served on the side, but they are treated with the same time and attention that the main course meats receive. “I like to believe that we can offer a menu for just about everyone,” Cody said.

Loyal customers come back for the great food and top-notch service, but Cody believe that loyalty goes both ways. As a Bend local and a graduate of Mt. View High School, Cody has remained loyal to the community that raised him. This dedication and love for his community is put directly into his food, so much so that a BBQ competition judge from Texas claims that Cody’s brisket is the best he’s ever had.

Cody’s skills as a chef have landed him more than a few invites to BBQ competitions around the country, catering events across the West and even a few invitations to become a high-end personal chef. Still, Cody stays loyal to his community and focuses his time and energy on cooking amazing food, providing quality customer service and raising the next generation of culinary geniuses. “This passion will continue as there is a 4th Generation coming up in the Serbus household, and we look forward to the day that they will take the reins (or knives) of the Country Catering Tradition!”


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