What Does Commercial Litigation Cover?


If you are in a legal dispute or foresee a legal dispute coming your way, that is related to your business or your interactions with another business, then there is a very good chance that you will be going through the process of commercial litigation, whether or not you realized it initially. This does not particularly mean that your process will be more or less complicated than personal injury litigation or other civil cases, since all cases are so unique, but with this knowledge, it is important that you find an attorney who focuses on commercial litigation. Business law in the United States is complex, so it is important that your attorney works with these laws often and will be able to navigate them.

Take a look below about the different things that commercial litigation tends to cover. If you are in Texas and preparing for commercial litigation, contact an attorney like Wade McClure – Dallas commercial litigation lawyer immediately so that you can work together to build a strong case and increase your chances of the outcome you are hoping for.

Common Examples of Commercial Litigation

Keep in mind that since commercial litigation covers all aspects of commercial civil lawsuits, there is no way that we can offer you a fully comprehensive list of examples. That said, below are some of the more common cases that are typically brought to commercial litigation.

Contract Cases

Any sort of breach of a commercial contract can result in commercial litigation, whether or not the breach in the contract additionally resulted in criminal offenses. Working with an attorney who is experienced with contracts is an important first step to take to ensure that you get the outcome you need.

Joint Venture Disputes

An unfortunate reality about joint ventures is that partners may have disputes over the way the company is run, the way the responsibilities or shares are distributed, and more. Hopefully, you are able to work through these issues with your partner, but in some cases, the only option may be civil litigation.

Class Action Suits

In some cases, there may be an issue where your company or corporation has been accused of a violation that has impacted many different consumers. In these cases, it is important that you are working with an attorney in Dallas who has a history of experience with not just commercial litigation, but successful outcomes for class action lawsuits specifically.

Issues With the Board

If you have a board of directors and there is any disagreement between you and them, then it is extremely important that you work with an attorney every step of the way. Navigating conflicts with a board of directors can be very touchy, and the outcome may have major impacts on your involvement with the company and the future direction of the organization. Whether or not you believe that you need an attorney, it is best that you consult with one to make sure.

Any Minor, Discrete Issues With Your Business

While the above issues are major processes that you will clearly want the help of an attorney through, there are many other minor issues that an attorney can help you get through without complications. If you are unsure of how an attorney can help you with whatever issue you are running into, the best thing to do is to schedule an initial consultation where you can talk about your situation and understand how you can benefit from legal advice and legal counsel.


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