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While it is easy to talk about how you should be financially prepared for any situation, that advice may come all too late if you are already struggling with money. This can be used as a wake up call to put money aside in the future but, in the present, you might need to find a way to make ends meet.

Since the first bank loan in 1947, there has been the creation of many other types of loan to help people when they are in dire straits. Looking around at different providers can aid you in getting the money you need with an interest rate that is affordable and won’t see you back in financial difficulty.

Pre-Settlement Loans

Pre-settlement loans can be found in various countries across the world. They can help people afford repairs, bills, or everyday expenses when they are waiting for a compensation or settlement payment. What you are entitled to may differ, as well as the application process, dependent on where you live. This means that, for example, the application in the United States will differ from that in Australia – this even applies to different states and cities, meaning that how pre settlement funding works in Atlanta might be different compared to Boston. Regardless of the methods of gaining one, this pre-settlement loan can support you, especially if you are unable to work or have excess expenses due to the incident.


Applying for a mortgage can be an exciting, yet stressful, time for any person. Those who are first time buyers might have saved for a number of years to have an adequate deposit to be eligible for the amount of money they require. Looking around different mortgage lenders can help you to find the correct amount of money that you need to buy your home, with an interest level that best suits you. You will also need to consider how many years you wish to spend repaying this loan, as it will affect how high your monthly payments are likely to be. 

Auto Loan

Whether you want to buy a brand new car, or a used vehicle, sometimes you may be short of the cash. This is where an auto loan can come in. This may come from a money lender, or via the dealer where you buy the vehicle. Usually, you will have to pay interest on top of the amount that you borrow, but it can help you to afford the right vehicle for you.

Applying for a loan may seem like a lot of work but, if your situation demands it, it can help to take some financial pressure off in the moment. Getting a loan should not be a split second decision. Careful thought into loans is necessary, as there may be penalties for late or failed payments.


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