Community and Sustainability are at the Core of Hurley Development’s Latest Project


After a long history as an area known for mining and farming, Vancouver’s 192nd Avenue is being reimagined as a modern residential area, thanks to a development boom in the city of Vancouver, Washington. Amidst this is Hurley Development’s massive plan for a community and sustainability-focused development project – HQ Vancouver.

Hurley President Ryan Hurley of Hurley Development has focused the Hurley team on the reformation of communities they work in and ensuring rapid progress to successful project completion. Once complete, HQ Vancouver will have contributed substantially to the economic development of Vancouver, Washington and the development of the 192nd Avenue sub area.

In recent years, the east Vancouver, Washington area of 192nd Avenue has seen a massive increase in residential and commercial buildings – a marked departure from the farmlands and open mines that dominated the site back in the day. In fact, up until 1992, 192nd Avenue did not even exist.

The development boom in the area began with the extension of Vancouver’s city limits in the 1990s. As the City progressively annexed areas to the east, residential developments slowly started to crop up. In the 2000s, the proliferation of residential buildings was followed by commercial buildings. As the years have progressed,192nd Avenue has become a key retail corridor, and an attractive location for national corporate headquarters and regional headquarters for many companies.

Hurley Development’s 107-acre development in the Fishers Quarry will further add to the remarkable development of the area and take it to the next level. The City’s officials are excited about the prospects offered by Hurley Development’s project. Hurley Development President Ryan Hurley said, “This new development that we call HQ Vancouver will rejuvenate what was once a working mine, while keeping its history intact. The features of the HQ Vancouver project blend in seamlessly with the natural environment and will create avenues for residents to enjoy the surroundings of the Pacific Northwest and the gateway to the Columbia RIver Gorge.”

The HQ Vancouver project has been designed with two main objectives in mind: community and sustainability. Hurley Development has planned the project in collaboration with award-winning urban planners and architects. The plan has been implemented in a way that integrates Vancouver, Washington’s original Riverview Gateway Subarea Plan. This includes making a community that is pedestrian-friendly and offers a high standard of living to residents, visitors, and employees.

Community through Connectivity 

Hurley Development has emphasized creating a community through connectivity. That doesn’t happen by accident. Ryan Hurley explained, “To achieve this, we worked with successful and experienced smart architects to create a “Micro Smart City” plan for HQ Vancouver, which helps connect people physically and digitally with the services and sustainability they want, and the connectivity with each other that they desire, while leaving the choice up to each individual to decide their own level of participation.”

HQ Vancouver is located in an area that lacks strong transportation infrastructure because it is newly developed, so Hurley Development adopted a live/work/play design approach which offers a complete community experience within the 107 acres of the center. By providing everything from a natural grocery to retail to restaurants to entertainment to residential and office spaces within the walking distance, they are ensuring that the community is pedestrian friendly.

HQ Vancouver includes multiple open spaces that are connected through scenic pedestrian walkways. The open spaces provide a place for the residents of HQ to gather, facilitating planned and organic human interaction and connection. The development also benefits from larger open spaces for community events and activities, including a beautiful Civic Plaza and an amphitheater. In addition to open spaces, the development is filled with courtyards that have been designed for personal social interactions as well as mid to large size groups hanging out. These courtyards are also connected through scenic alleys that seamlessly blend with the surrounding nature.

To ensure digital connectivity, Hurley Development has integrated the latest technology to enable its residents to live the best version of their lives. Buildings are connected through high-speed fiber internet. This helps everything digital at HQ to happen at lightning fast speeds, from updating social media to watching videos on Netflix, and from watching TV to video conferencing for work or with family. The emphasis on technological integration ensures that HQ Vancouver is the city of tomorrow, and a blueprint for what other cities can look like years to come.

Other technologies being incorporated into the project include smart security, electric-powered driverless cars, and smart parking. All of these features are being integrated to ensure the highest standard of living for all of its residents.

“HQ is a place for everyone…affordability is such a major facet of HQ and a standard of our developments. We’re offering really luxury living where people of all ages, abilities, incomes, and backgrounds can thrive. We want this environment to bring people together and provide opportunities where everyone has access to housing, lightning-speed fiber internet, art and culture,” said Ryan Hurley, President of Hurley Development.

Sustainability Emphasized

Hurley Development aims to ensure that sustainability becomes a part of daily life for American citizens as we all seek to make the world a better place for future generations. They are doing this by integrating an environment-conscious approach throughout its projects, including HQ Vancouver, that is actionable not only by building design, but by technological innovations that help residents and businesses to use less energy, save money, and enjoy HQ more.

“Our goal is to build a self-sustaining campus focused on innovation, comfort, climate consciousness, security, and sustainability. In the past, when we think about sustainability, we ask what parts of my life I have to sacrifice to be more climate conscious. What we want to do at HQ is provide sustainability that actually creates a better life, and saves everyone time and money,” said Ryan Hurley.

The community will benefit from the sustainable approach of Hurley Development and its architecture team of SRG Partners and Place design studio. Residential and commercial buildings will be powered by renewable sources. And very importantly, HQ has integrated a sustainable water management plan. The plan ensures that a high percentage of the water from buildings and runoff will be reused for landscape watering and toilet flushing. Moreover, landscape watering is carried out in a resourceful manner by deploying moisture and rain sensors to prevent overwatering. Similarly, only indigenous, drought-resistant trees will be planted.

“Our greatest goal is to become one of the most environmentally friendly, self-sustaining, and digitally innovative cities in the world,” said Hurley.

The emphasis on sustainability is also reflected in the design of the project. The design emulates the textures and materials found naturally in the area, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship with the environment.

About: Hurley Development is a Vancouver-based, regional real estate and investment holding firm. Its mission is to ‘Bring Life’, through responsible development. It is currently involved in revitalizing multiple areas of Vancouver, including the construction of an apartment complex on 1600 Washington St. called Navalia Apartments, another project on 400 Washington St. called Adera Apartments, and a massive retail center at 13909 NE 10th Ave, called Skyview Station. They have completed over 20 projects in the past 10 years which include residential and commercial buildings. HQ Vancouver is slated to be their biggest and most ambitious project yet.


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