Confederate Tribes of Warm Springs Install Solar


In compliance with the 1.5 percent Green Technology in Public Buildings mandate set forth by the state in 2007, Warm Springs K-8 Elementary has installed a solar system on their school. Installed by Sunlight Solar Energy of Bend, the 213 solar panel, 58.565 kW system is expected to generate over 81 kW hours of energy to power the school. Annually, the solar system is expected to save the school $4,000.

This is Sunlight Solar’s first project with Jefferson County School District and their second project working with The Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs. The first project was completed in 2010 on the Warm Springs Media Center building which houses the local radio station KWSO and newspaper SpilyayTymoo.

Paul Israel, president of Sunlight Solar Energy remarks that “it was a pleasure to work with the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs and Jefferson County School District in order to expand renewable energy sources in the community.”

Jefferson County School district is excited to have access to this renewable energy source and are planning to incorporate the function of these panels into the curriculum.


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