ConnectW in Bend, Oregon Helping Kids by Supporting Beulah’s Place


ConnectW in Bend, Oregon Helping Kids by Supporting Beulah’s Place
Back-to-school sales bring kids to the forefront of our minds. Even if we don’t have any, a quick flashback to our own school days is inevitable. But what about the kids already falling through the cracks? And what about those young people (18-20-somethings) who are legal adults but haven’t completed their education or gotten a GED due to family stresses, homelessness or being a runaway? How do these kids get the supplies, structure and help they need to succeed?

Beulah’s Place (, a 501c3 in Redmond, is offering just that sort of aid to those living on the edges of society. This local nonprofit organization provides food, clothing, shelter in safe homes, and a stable, structured environment to help these kids get back on their feet. Over the last 11 months, they have already rescued 13 teens from Bend and Redmond.

Right now Beulah’s Place is running on a shoestring and is looking for help from the community to raise funds for a physical building. ConnectW, a local women’s business and networking group, has partnered with Beulah’s Place to help with this task.

They’re currently gathering silent and live auction items for a December Gala. Last year they raised more than $10,000 for Oregon Adaptive Sports. Just imagine how those kinds of funds could help some of our most vulnerable youth, who all-too-often become trafficking targets.

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